Loading... Family Feud

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In yesterday's Loading... Garriott's Gambit, we reviewed the gritty details of Richard Garriott's lawsuit against NCSoft in what will become the strange final chapter of Tabula Rasa. We knew that Richard's brother, Robert, is president of NCSoft America. But thanks to an anonymous emailer, we discovered that he was on the NCSoft board of directors at the time that his brother (forcibly or voluntarily) left the company. Is there a sour grapes element to this lawsuit? We can only speculate, but we'll dish what details we have in Loading... Family Feud!

We'll also wash off the gossip column-ness and congratulate EVE Online on six years and counting, look forward to Baltimore Games Day with Mythic Entertainment this weekend, and note that Blizzard's latest earning report shows that WoW is still an epic cash cow.

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