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Loading Live #18 - Fallen Earth Closed Beta Dev Chat

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Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock is the voice of the rugged post-apoc MMORPG Fallen Earth coming later this year from Icarus Studios. Lee's fresh from a fan event in Portland, Oregon and has plenty to report from the game's closed beta, including new details on vehicles (including vehicular combat and how mounts work), the game's economy, graphics performance, combat system, and much more.

Encapsulating tough post-apoc realities like Fallout 3 yet inspired by richly enjoyable IPs like the Mad Max movie series, Fallen Earth might be the most affecting MMO done in a dystopian setting yet. This podcast is your ticket to understanding what the excitement is all about. Join Ethec and Machail for the week in MMO news, then listen in as the staff and community toss Lee a variety of questions in this Loading... Live #18 - Fallen Earth dev chat!

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