Dragon Age E3 2009 Demo

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Arguably, there are only a handful of upper tier PC RPG developers, and BioWare has had a solid place in that mix since the mid-1990s when they released Baldur’s Gate and reinvigorated the story-driven roleplaying game. Now BioWare is going back to its roots with Dragon Age, and Ten Ton Hammer got a hands-on preview of the title at this year’s E3.

While talking things over with the sorceress, we discover that she needs a book her evil mother still carries. She asks us to go retrieve it for her so she can gain access to some more nasty spells. She seems persuasive enough so we rallied our team and went to talk with the old crone. Upon our arrival she seemed to be expecting us. After going through the choices on how to handle the situation we decided to take the book by force. Rough choice, because the old hag turned out to be a dragon!

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