Earthrise Community Manager Talks About PvP, Mechas, and More

Earthrise Community Manager, Moll, recently addressed another question on the Earthrise forums.

Earthrise Community Manager, Moll, recently addressed another question on the Earthrise forums. The latest answer explains the role mechas will play in resource transportation and how PvP players will need to cooperate in order to bring down a mecha, at the same time, not using a mech can leave players open to attack. Given the fact player looting is involved, it's safe to say there will likely be plenty of bandits waiting to take out players and other bandits at a vulnerable moment. One thing's for sure, PvP will certainly be interesting in Earthrise.

Goliaths of steel used for combat and transit, mechas are definitely not invulnerable to damage and destruction. It takes a bit of effort, but even carefully planned and armed attacks can disrupt a planned resource transportation route and destroy a mecha. It'll likely take a team effort to lift and loot the resulting destruction alone, and possibly leave the looters more vulnerable to additional opportunistic robbers as a result. (The limits of inventory holding are probably less arbitrary and we believe - more sensible than what players may be used to in 'typical MMOs', but there are still movement penalties to watch out for when you're loaded to the hilt with lots of gear!) Strategic planning in advance is essential to maximize your returns on attacking mechs but entirely possible - such limits you may encounter with a spontaneous attack can even be overcome with a bit of thinking. Even if the initial attackers have no access to a mecha they could bring large amounts of friends (or hired friends) willing to carry the goods on the attacker's behalf while being protected by armed soldiers. In an especially organized attack, this could potentially leave very little loot behind as the looted characters will likely still be in transit back to the fight site, doubly so if registered teleporters aren't located nearby.

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