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STO Executive Producer Talks About Post-Launch Plans

By Stacy Jones -

Hailing Frequency recently got the chance to speak with Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkevich in their final audio interview before the launch of the game. Zinkevich talks about launch and what challenges the team expects to face as the game goes live. He goes on to talk about additional content the team wants to get added to the game post-launch and things the team would have liked to have added in for launch but ended up getting cut due to time. The podcast team also asks many questions posted by the community ranging from character progression speed to certain content that will be unlocked post-launch that was unavailable during the open beta.

One hot topic that was touched on involved the current vertical movement of flight, which works at about a 45 degree angle. According to Zinkevich, the flight movement angle was tested at a much higher pitch early in development. Unfortunately, it caused some issues with the gameplay, but he goes on to assure players that the team is looking into additional flight control options.

The full podcast is availble for stream or download here.

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