Allods Online Archetype Interview Series Part 1 - The Warrior

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To many people, free-to-play gaming has been little more than a barren desert, filled with cheap knock-offs, poor graphics and low production values. Gaming portal gPotato is looking to change that perception this year with the launch of the North American version of Allods Online from Russian developer Astrum Nival. In an exclusive 8 part series of interviews Ten Ton Hammer is sitting down with members of the gPotato team to learn more about the games class archetypes. This week we're proud to feature GM Gregory Carter and Community Manager Katelyn Olmstead as they discuss the Warrior archetype.

Ten Ton Hammer: What were the guiding principles behind the archetype/race restrictions? Were they born from game lore or were there other forces at work?

Carter & Olmstead: Each race was designed with certain characteristics and personalities traits. Because of this each race can be either better suited or less suited for a particular archetype. For example, to be a successful warrior you need to value honor and possess the ability to inspire those around you. The lore of the Kanians says that they are an extremely noble race with the ability to command leagues of men, thus making them great warriors! The Elves on the other hand are extremely vain and self involved, meaning the warrior archetype simply does not fit them.
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