Richard Garriott - Man on a Mission Trailer Offers a Look at Coming Documentary

By Stacy Jones -

Richard Garriott, also known to many as Lord British, is a name that has deep roots in the industry. From his development work on the Ultima series and Ultima Online to the lackluster success of the MMOG Tabula Rasa, Garriott has contributed a great deal to the gaming industry. As you might recall, Garriott took a trip into outer space not too long after the launch of Tabula Rasa, launching Operation Immortality in an attempt to generate publicity for the game in what may have been one of the most expensive publicity stunts in history. We all know that story didn't have a happy ending, but Garriott apparently had other plans as well. A camera crew was along for the trip and they're putting together a documentary of the events and you can check out the trailer on their Facebook page. The video is scheduled to release at SXSW on March 14th.

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