Darkfall Launches Free Trial Program

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If you've been dying to check out Darkfall, the sandbox PvP-based MMOG created by Aventurine and were too shy to plunk down the dollar for the previous low cost 7-day trial, you are in luck! Darkfall has announced that they now offer a 14-day free trial, all you need to do is sign up and download.

Today weÂ’re launching DarkfallÂ’s first free trial offer. You can try Darkfall for 14 days for free without obligation. After our experience with the 1 euro/dollar trial and after several further improvements we feel that weÂ’re ready to offer a free trial which wonÂ’t disrupt the current user experience and will help with making the game available to a larger playerbase and getting new players into the game. There is ample capacity to handle the trial, but we will throttle availability as needed. WeÂ’ve also placed a per country quota on Asian accounts as these are the European and North American servers and the players from these regions should have priority. The free trial offer is limited to one trial per computer.

Get instructions to sign up and download from Darkfall's official forums and get in game to see what all that hype has been about!
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