End of Nations Details Conquering Through Cooperation

By Stacy Jones -

Cooperating to overcome powerful enemies is the hallmark of many good MMOs. End of Nations will also have many encounters that will require players to seek out allies and coordinate attacks in order to defeat them. In the latest End of Nations release, the PvE side of combat is detailed and how a Commander Class will come into its own when playing with friends. Each class has a particular strength and the article explains how playing to those strengths can lead to victory.

Bigger challenges require bigger groups, but commanders can use their tech trees and unit selections to specialize within their class and stand out among their allies. One Tank commander can take a Guardian specialization, starting battles on their own terms and withstanding incredible damage. Another might choose an Assault spec, increasing the firepower of his favorite vehiclesÂ’ big guns. In large groups, the Guardian Tank commander holds the line, while the Assault Tank commander provides serious firepower and steps into the breach should the Guardian need relief.

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