Microcosms: EverQuest 2 Extended – Open Borders

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When EQ2X was announced, few players were more excited than our own Jason “Medawky” Bolton who grew up in Norrath and always had a soft spot for the franchise. How did the newly-liberated shattered lands live up to this prodigal son’s expectations, and is the new server worth your time? Join us this week in Microcosms to find out.

With the release of EQ2X coinciding perfectly with the typical down cycle of MMOGs, that odd time where we wait for new releases or new expansions, it seemed like fate had finally intervened on my behalf. Under the guise of researching and covering free-to-play titles I was able to fully immerse myself in the goodness of EQ2X without having to fear the threats of divorce that ended my previous love affair with the game back in 2004. I did not squander this precious allotment of time, dear readers; I took advantage of every second of it to bring you my impressions of this new microtransaction-driven version.
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