NCsoft Announces Halloween Events for Aion, CoH, Guild Wars and Lineage

By Stacy Jones -

Halloween is a fun time of the year and known for its roots in horror, so it's a great time of the year to base an MMORPG event around and NCsoft has announced a full lineup of events for its library of games. Aion, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Lineage and Lineage II players will find new events and quests to enjoy this month along with an assortment of seasonal prizes.

The events are a bit staggered on when they begin and end, but I've put together the name of each event and when they'll take place below. For a more detailed description of each, be sure to check out the official press release included here for your convenience.

  • Aion - Harvest Revel - October 27th, 2010 - November 10th, 2010
  • City of Heroes - October 21st, 2010 - October 31st, 2010
  • Guild Wars - The Return of the Mad King - October 21st, 2010 - November 2nd, 2010
  • Lineage - Halloween Event - October 27th, 2010 - November 10th, 2010
  • Lineage II - GM Event: Trick or Treat - October 26th, 2010 - October 28th, 2010
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