WoW Cataclysm: Reputations Overview

With Cataclysm fast approaching, WoW players everywhere are preparing to start the (thankfully short) journey to level 85. As you plow your way through post-Cataclysm Azeroth it is inevitable that you will soon be faced with the six new factions available, their rewards, and the usually mind numbing grinds that go along with them. Guides to help with the reputation grind for each faction are in the works,, but that doesn’t mean you need to head into Cataclysm totally clueless in the meantime.

Below are the six new factions available and some basic information about each that will allow you, the reader,  to move confidently into the flow of the factions and reputations of Cataclysm. For those in a hurry quick references to the factions most notable rewards can be found in the sidebar.

*Please note that much of the information in this guide reflect the current state of reputations at the end beta, and as such could be subject to change shortly after the launch of Cataclysm.

[protip]Remember, all the factions outlined below have Tabards. For a small sum of gold you can buy them and, if you need a change from doing dailies, you can run dungeons instead. For many it's an easier way to grind rep.[/protip]

The Guardians of Hyjal

A druidic faction, the Guardians of Hyjal as their name implies, are

Notable Faction Rewards:

charged with protecting Mount Hyjal and Nordassil. Resembling the Cenarian Circle of the old world this faction wishes to repopulate the region with animal and plant life.

To start your relationship with the Guardians, first pick up the Mount Hyjal related quest (available at level 80) from an announcement board that can be found in one of your faction's major cities. From there you will be sent first to Moonglade, then be taken via green dragon to Mount Hyjal. Here you will discover some very grim news, and get your first introduction to the Guardians of Hyjal. Almost all quests in this zone provide reputation for this faction.

Faction Quartermaster: Provisioner Whitecloud
Quartermaster Location: Mount Hyjal - Nordrassil

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Tabard Friendly All
Neck/Neck Honored Tanking
Finger/Finger Honored Melee DPS
Back/Back Honored Healing
Mail/Legs Revered Spell DPS/Healing
Plate/Feet Revered Melee DPS
Leather/Chest Revered Physical DPS
Leather/Hands Revered Spell DPS/Healing
Neck/Neck Revered Physical DPS
Enchant/Head Revered Spell DPS
Back/Back Exalted Tanking
Mail/Feet Exalted Physical DPS
Cloth/Waist Exalted Spell DPS/Healing
Plate/Waist Exalted Spell DPS/Healing

The Earthen Ring

Notable Faction Rewards:

Already an existing part of WoW, the Earthern Ring is dedicated to bringing harmony between the elemental forces of Azeroth, and is the most influential shamanistic organization currently in the world.  The Earthern Ring has become a major player in the world since the rebirth of Deathwing which has forced the elements into utter chaos.

At level 82 players will be able to pick up a quest from their local announcement board relating to the underwater city of Vashj’ir or taking them into the Maelstrom to Deepholm. Once a quest is chosen the player will begin their journey to either of these fantastic new zones and begin their reputation gains with the Earthen Ring. Both these zones provide reputation gaining quests for the faction, however reputation rewards can only be found in Vashj'ir.

Faction Quartermaster: Provisioner Arok
Quartermaster Location: Vashj’ir - Shimmering Expanse - Silver Tide Hollow

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Tabard Friendly All
Plate/Legs Honored Tanking
Mail/Shoulder Honored Physical DPS
Neck/Neck Honored Healing
Cloth/Head Honored Spell DPS
Back/Back Revered Melee DPS
Plate/Chest Revered Healing
Leather/Legs Revered Spell DPS
Back/Back Revered Spell DPS
Enchant/Head Revered Tanking
Plate/Hands Exalted Healing
Finger/Finger Exalted Physical DPS
Cloth/Hands Exalted Spell DPS
Mail/Feet Exalted Spell DPS


Notable Faction Rewards:

Once part of the Tol’vir race which was created to safeguard the secrets of the Titans, the Ramkahen are direct descendents of those Tol’vir that succumbed to the Curse of Flesh. While they no longer have the stone bodies of the original Tol‘vir, the Ramkahen are still dedicated to protecting the secrets that are a part of their heritage. Resembling cats, the Ramkahen race flows nicely with the overall Egyptian feel of Uldum.

Your relationship with the Ramkahen will begin around level 83 as a breadcrumb type quest  becomes available that can be picked up at your nearest Archaeology trainer, or announcement board. Once obtained, the quest will send you to Thistleshrub Valley in southern Tanaris to meet up with a caravan just outside the Gate of Unending Cycles. After a rather long (but totally worth watching) cutscene in which you help escort the caravan into Uldum, you will meet your first member of the Ramkahen, Prince Nadun who is currently a captive.

Faction Quartermaster: Blacksmith Abasi
Quartermaster Location: Uldum - Ramkahen

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Tabard/Tabard Friendly All
Mail/Waist Honored Physical DPS
Plate/Feet Honored Healing
Cloth/Back Honored Melee DPS
Finger/Finger Honored Healing
Enchant/Head Revered Phyiscal DPS
Cloth/Chest Revered Spell DPS
Finger/Finger Revered Melee DPS
Leather/Belt Revered Physical DPS
Mail/Waist Revered Healing
Cloth/Feet Exalted Spell DPS
Plate/Wrist Exalated Tanking
Plate/Waist Exalted Healing
Neck/Neck Exalted Melee DPS


Therazane the Stonemother is the ruler over the earth, dirt, rock, and mountains. Revered by all Earth elementals and supposedly a loving, motherly type, Therazane nonetheless doesn’t seem to care much for you upon your first meeting. Like the Hodir of the Storm Peaks, you will start out hostile with her, and then slowly gain her trust.

To gain Therazane's trust simply make an effort to complete as many quests in Deepholm as possible. Eventually you will be granted an audience with her and will finally be able to gain reputation with the faction. To access the faction based dailies and the Quartermaster for this faction you must restore the World Pillar.

Faction Quartermaster: D'lom the Collector
Quartermaster Location: Deepholm - Therazane's Throne

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Tabard/Tabard Friendly All
Enchant/Shoulder Honored Tanking
Enchant/Shoulder Honored Physical DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Honored Melee DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Honored Spell DPS/Healing
Finger/Finger Revered Melee DPS
Finger/Finger Revered Physical DPS
Finger/Finger Revered Tanking
Finger/Finger Revered Spell DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Tanking
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Physical DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Melee DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Spell DPS/Healing

Wildhammer Clan (Alliance) and Dragonmaw Clan (Horde)

The Wildhammer Clan is made up of variety of feral and untamed Dwarves, who are known throughout Azeroth for their unique relationship with gryphons. Fearless warriors the Dwarves have recently established a new settlement in the Twilight Highlands where they are at battle with the Dragonmaw Clan which also has taken up residence in the zone.

The Dragonmaw are an Orcish clan that once swore fealty to Blackhand the Destroyer as he ascended to Warchief. After Blackhand was assassinated the Dragonmaw left the Horde and instead pledged themselves to Blackhand’s sons, Rend and Maim. Cataclysm will once again bring the Dragonmaws back into the fold. Setting up their base of operations in the Twilight Highlands it goes without saying this clan is in direct contest with the Wildhammer Clan.

To start your adventure with these factions you will once again be visiting your faction’s announcement board. If you are level 84 or above it’s here you will find a quest relating to the Twilight Highlands. Pick this quest up and follow the rather long line of breadcrumb quests until you are instructed to go to finally visit the Twilight Highlands. Once there you will find the zone engaged deeply in Alliance/Horde conflict and of course as usual this conflict soon become your own.

 Wildhammer Clan

Faction Quartermaster: Craw MacGraw
Quartermaster Location: Twilight Highlands - Bloodgultch

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Tabard/Tabard Friendly All
Cloth/Hands Honored Spell DPS
Leather/Legs Honored Physical DPS
Leather/Shoulder Honored Healing
Mail/Head Honored Spell DPS/Healing
Finger/Finger Revered Spell DPS
Mail/Head Revered Physical DPS
Plate/Heads Revered Tanking
Plate/Hands Revered Melee DPS
Enchant/Head Revered Melee DPS
Neck/Neck Exalted Spell DPS
Leather/Hands Exalted Physical DPS
Leather/Waist Exalted Healing
Plate/Feet Exalted Tanking

Dragonmaw Clan

Faction Quartermaster: Grot Deathblow
Quartermaster Location: Twilight Highlands - Thundermaw

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Tabard/Tabard Friendly All
Mail/Head Honored Spell DPS
Cloth/Hands Honored Spell DPS/Healing
Leather/Legs Honored Phyiscal DPS
Leather/Shoulder Honored Spell DPS/Healing
Enchant/Head Revered Physical/Melee DPS
Finger/Finger Revered Spell DPS
Plate/Head Revered Tanking
Mail/Head Revered Physical DPS
Plate/Hands Revered Melee DPS
Leather/Waist Exalted Spell DPS/Healing
Plate/Feet Exalted Tanking
Leather/Hands Exalted Physical DPS
Neck/Neck Exalted Spell DPS

Baradin’s Wardens (Alliance) and Hellscream’s Reach (Horde)

Tol Barad is a desolate island kingdom that can be found off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms. In Cataclysm Tol Barad becomes an outdoor PvP raid zone much like Wintergrasp, however it will also function as a major daily quest hub. Battling for control of the island are the Baradin’s Wardens and Hellscream’s Reach.  Because of the PvP nature of Tol Barad the zone can be reached by taking the portal found in Dalaran, or by queuing for the battleground from your PvP tab when it’s available.

The Baradin’s Wardens are the Alliance faction on Tol Barad and were once led by Duke Reginald Baradin II. This group has historic ties to the island where they now fight for control against Hellscream’s Reach, the Horde forces on the island. When in control of Tol Barad, this faction will be able to obtain additional daily quests.

The Hellscream’s Reach forces are comprised of veterans of multiple tours of duty and have been handpicked by Garrosh himself to take control of Tol Barad. When in control of Tol Barad, this faction will be able to obtain additional daily quests. Horde and Alliance rewards for this factions are the same minus differing names on some items.

Faction Quartermaster: Brazie/Pogg
Quartermaster Location: Tol Barad Peninsula - Alliance Outpost/Horde Outpost

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Reputation Friendly All 
Reputation Friendly All 
Consumable Friendly All 
Consumable Friendly All 
Consumable Friendly All 
Consumable Friendly All 
Consumable Friendly All 
Consumable Friendly All 
Tabard/Tabard Honored All 
Tabard/Tabard Honored All 
Other Honored All
Trinket/Trinket Honored All
Pet Honored All
Other Revered All 
Other Revered All 
Two-Handed Sword Revered Melee DPS
One-Handed Dagger Revered Physical DPS
One-Handed Axe Revered Physical DPS
Two-Handed Polearm Revered Physical DPS
Crossbow Revered Physical DPS
One-Handed Mace Revered Healing
Staff Revered Spell DPS
Trinket/Trinket Exalted Tanking
Trinket/Trinket Exalted Healing
Trinket/Trinket Exalted Melee DPS
Trinket/Trinket Exalted Spell DPS
Trinket/Trinket Exalted Physical DPS
Mount Exalted All 
Mount Exalted All 
Mount Exalted All

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