Pathfinder Online Blog Talks Companies and Influence

By Stacy Jones -

ItÂ’s been a while since weÂ’ve received a new update for Pathfinder Online. Back in August, the team posted their last blog to let players know that there wouldnÂ’t be an update for a while due to a busy schedule of gaming conventions. But this week the team is back with a brand new update that focuses on some of the gameÂ’s companies and settlement systems.

Companies, as itÂ’s often referred to for a number of reasons in various games, is a group of like-minded players that conquer or work together. In Pathfinder Online, these can be formed in a number of ways ranging from cross-settlement alliances to small bands of brigands and cabals. They work in some ways like a guild but are not designed for mass membership and usually function with between 10 to 50 members with the full guild-style system falling under the purview of settlements according to Goblinworks. Companies can eventually gain sponsorship to forge an alliance and become part of a settlement, which can in turn affect reputation and alignment. Sponsored companies can also gain other benefits such security upgrades as well as sharing in that settlements alliances and hostilities.

Once a company is created, it will begin to earn Influence, which can eventually be used to claim territory, trophies, forge alliances, and other benefits for members. Influence is gained whenever a member of a company completes an achievement, making it useful to recruit low-level players for added contribution.

If you're an ambitious company, you can also use Influence to strike out and claim certain hexes after dispatching their powerful monster denizens to establish you're own settlements. If all that sounds like fun, head over and check out the full blog for more.

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