Pathfinder Online Blog Talks Milestones, Teases Screenshots

Pathfinder Online hits its first major design milestone and Goblinworks’ boss Ryan Dancey teases some new screenshots to celebrate.

Goblinworks boss Ryan Dancey returned this week with another brief Pathfinder Online update. While Dancey’s update isn’t rich in new details, he does recap on some of the recent work in creating the game’s playable hex and converting their previous work to use Unity.

April 15th was an important date for Goblinworks as it marked the first milestone goal target, which the team exceeded according to Dancey. To celebrate the occasion, Dancey posted four new screenshots with his latest blog. You can check them out below. Just keep in mind that they are a work in progress.

Source: Pathfinder Online Blog

Pathfinder-WIP-Goblins Pathfinder-WIP-TavernBrawl
Pathfinder-WIP-Tower Pathfinder-WIP-Settlement

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