Snag a PlanetSide 2 Beta Key with the April Edition of PC Gamer

A new PlanetSide 2 beta opportunity arrives with next month’s issue of PC Gamer Magazine.

PC Gamer has revealed their April cover for their game publication magazine featuring PlanetSide 2. But even better, each issue will contain a unique beta key for access to the upcoming PlanetSide 2 beta. DonÂ’t worry, if youÂ’re a PlanetSide 1 player or received a key at last yearÂ’s SOE Fan Faire event youÂ’ll still get first access according to a Twitter post from Creative Director Matt Higby.

PS1 players, Fan Faire 2011 attendees and PC Gamer keys will have first access to beta once it begins.

The April edition of PC Gamer containing the PlanetSide 2 beta key will be available on February 28th.

Source: PC Gamer
via PlanetSide Universe

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