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Game:World of Tanks
Ten Ton Hammer
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Value - 90 / 100

High value free-to-play games are in short supply. Most reek of
low production values, and free-to-play shooters, in particular, tend to have less variety in maps, silly weapon rental mechanics. and other pay-to-win quirks. F2P MMOGs, on the other hand, tend to offer exceedingly grindy mechanics, and vampiric microtransaction models, derivative gameplay, and aging graphics. Thankfully, World of Tanks avoids all these pitfalls - graphics are competitive, the gameplay changes with each battle, and RPG style vehicle and weapon development kept me busy between matches.

Since World of Tanks is free to download and subscription free, let's talk about how makes money. Players purchase gold with real money, and gold is the game's secondary currency (alongside credits). Gold can be converted into credits, but experience points cannot be purchased directly (for full disclosure: players can purchase experience boosts). Gold will purchase some unique vehicles and ammo, but none of these are overpowered or completely outclass the ones you can pilot and purchase through just playing the game normally. The value for a purchase of gold is quite good though, and dropping a twenty will likely last you weeks longer than your last Call of Duty or Halo playthrough.

If you want to know the value of the game as a F2P player strictly, it’s incredibly high. No two battles will play out the same way, no two tanks handle the same, and there are several varieties of vehicles to pilot so you never get stuck doing the same thing two games in a row. If you don’t like the idea of a grind, your first victory with each tank daily will earn you double experience points, which helps keep you in the game with the obsessed.

Lasting Appeal - 87 / 100

With tournaments and clan warfare being a main drawing point of the game, you’d think that solo battles would get old after a while, but, remarkably, they do not. On top of that, a tactical map control mode that resembles something out of Global Agenda or Planetside is coming soon, testing the mettle of clans in their ability to take and hold territory from other clans. has set the bar very high with their standards and future of the game, and so far they’ve lived up to it quite well.

Pros and Cons


  • Great production values in graphics and sound
  • Very little downtime between matches, no waiting on death
  • Huge variety of tanks and tactics


  • Starts off well-paced, later tanks are a huge grind
  • Shots bouncing off the enemy are extremely frustrating and seemingly random, regardless of armor penetration.
  • Tank Destroyer-heavy teams slow the pace of the game to a crawl


World of Tanks has done something that other free-to-play developers should be jealous of—delivered an exciting, original, and complete game that really has no equal on the market at the moment. The concept is simple, but the variety and customization are without equal and keep you coming back for more. You have nothing to lose by giving this game a try after all, and just like the wildly popular League of Legends, you can be the best player in the game without spending a dime. If you can get past the title, which is the most derivative aspect of this surprisingly innovative and full-featured game, we don't think you'll be disappointed.

Overall 87/100 - Very Good


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