League of Legends Dominon Review (PC)

Game:League of Legends
Ten Ton Hammer
Ten Ton Hammer Rating

Multiplayer - 90 / 100

Normally, games have ‘snowball’ heroes that gain in power quickly, tons of farming of minions to afford big items to turn the tide, and stalemates.  Dominion removes all of these.  You start at level 3 and there is a passive aura that makes everyone hit harder and gain experience/mana passively, so people progress amazingly fast.  Throw a massive 3.5/sec gold income  rather than the pittance of 1/sec from the main game and you don’t have to sit around killing neutrals (which don’t exist now in this!)  or enemy minions for an hour in order to feel powerful.  You can go in, kick ass, die with the greatly reduced death timers for the mode, buy a new item, and repeat.

Check out the new combat summary screen too.  Slick!

The minions themselves only spawn between contested turrets and aren’t worth much in terms of experience, so most players will simply ignore the waves and harass/push points.  This makes gameplay an offensive frenzy for the majority of the game and great fun!

Value - 97 / 100

It’s free. It’s available to everyone. And everything you own from the game’s other modes carries over (champions, runes.)

No catch here. Dominion adds a ton of value to one of the biggest players in the genre and it’s all still free to play. While there might not be any new fancy engine upgrades or champion effects, Dominion itself is a great boon to the game’s fun and provides a huge injection of much needed variety to players.

Lasting Appeal - 87 / 100

People have been hyped for this for a while, but already some are saying that it’s a ‘scrubby’ mode that encourages reckless and poor play as opposed to the more traditional 5v5 of Summoner’s Rift, the DOTA style map. But even if it is, it is friggin’ fun, and an awesome way to take a break after a series of losses or a hard fought win on other modes. There is no ranked play for it yet, but you bet your ass people will turn highly competitive in this just like Arathi Basin when it happens.

Pros and Cons


  • Completely free upgrade to the game
  • Totally new feel for the genre—all offense and action, all the time
  • Kudos to Riot for doing something different


  • Some item/champion balance issues exist, but will be ironed out soon I’m sure
  • Communication is key and can make playing alone suck compared to with a group of buddies
  • I’m going to want this in every MOBA game now!


Dominion is something of a game-changer in the genre. Other games have simply added more maps to the exact same gameplay, and this turns everything upside down. Champions that were considered garbage are now overpowered, items are being purchased that were gathering dust previously, and everyone is discovering a new meta-game of picking and playing. It’s a great experience to an established juggernaut of a game, and the fact that it’s all completely free and relatively bug free strengthens the fact that this is a title that will remain in the hearts of players of the genre for years to come.

Overall 88/100 - Great


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