New Fishing and Survival Skills Coming to RIFT in 1.8

By Stacy Jones -
RIFT has two new skills making their way into the game in 1.8: Infernal Dawn with Fishing and the Survival tradeskill. If you can manage to find a nice fishing spot where denizens of the planar rifts arenÂ’t waiting to steamroll you, you can train up in the new Fishing skill and take a break from fighting rifts to catch a few fish. Once you have a few fish, you can learn to cook them with the new Survival tradeskill, which will allow you to make the fish into various foods that can provide a number of buffs when consumed. Survival also allows you to craft tents and bedrolls that can give your group rested XP.

Fishing and Survival will be part of RIFT's 1.8: Infernal Dawn update. Check out our preview of 1.8: Infernal Dawn for more.

Source: Nature Calls in Update 1.8: Introducing Fishing & Survival!

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