Preview RIFT’s 2.4 Infinity Gate Raid on Twitch Today

Tune in today to get an early look at the new Infinity Gate raid coming to RIFT in the 2.4 update.

Tune into Trion’s Twitch channel today and get an early look at the newest raid coming to RIFT with the 2.4 update. Greg “OverloadUT” Laabs and Elizabeth “Dahanese” Tobey will be hosting the livestream event at 11:00AM PDT today. The two will be joined by joined by Colin “Cyzo” Krausnick and Larry “Halvon” Boles, who will offer an early look at the Infinity Gate raid slated for release with the 2.4 update as members of the Legit guild help out with running the content for viewers.

You can check out the stream on the Trion Worlds’ Twitch channel or via the embed below.

Source: RIFT Infinity Gate on Twitch

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