RIFT Shutting Down in China

As RIFT’s 2.4 update rolls out in NA, Trion prepares to bring service for their flagship MMORPG to a close in China.

Subscription MMORPGs are not the primary business model used in NA these days, but free-to-play has been the norm in Asian territories for quite some time. So it was a bit surprising when RIFTÂ’s Chinese publisher, Shanda Games, decided to stick with a subscription model. That seems to have not been the best idea as the publisher has now confirmed that RIFTÂ’s Chinese servers will be shutting down on November 15th, 2013. (Note: The previous 2015 date was a typo due to my own clumsy fingers. We apologize for any confusion. - Martuk)

Earlier this year Trion ceased operation for RIFT in South Korea. The studio has undergone a major shakedown since the return of Scott Hartsman as its new CEO. HartsmanÂ’s return was followed by a number of layoffs and closures to centralize TrionÂ’s development and streamline its business.

Source: MMO Culture

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