Rift Soul Overviews: The Assassin

Rift is known for its unique and varied souls and while the Rogue calling may be best known for the Bard and Riftstalker, the prototypical rogue exists even here - in the form of the Assassin.

The Assassin

Calling: Rogue
Role: DPS
Primary Attribute: Dex

The mental images conjured up when most of us think of a rogue are those of a shadowy figure lurking out of sight and picking the perfect opportunity to unleash a devastating surprise attack. While Rift has helped evolve the calling to new heights with their unique take on some of its souls, the prototypical rogue exists even here in the form of the Assassin. This skulking damage dealer likes to do it from behind and wreaks their brand of havoc on unsuspecting prey.



  • High DPS
  • Extremely fast paced and fun playstyle
  • Little to no down time
  • Fits well with most every other soul in the calling
  • Excellent soul for those that love to explore dangerous areas


  • Lacks versatility - something of a one trick pony
  • Needs element of surprise to be most effective
  • Can't go toe to toe with multiple foes


The Assassin is an excellent soul for those players that have enjoyed the rogue style of gameplay in other fantasy RPGs and MMOGs. It utilizes the element of surprise, deadly poisons and quick strikes to
render its foes helpless against it. The ability to slip unseen into dangerous and treacherous areas is also a compelling component to the souls appeal. Players who enjoy both PvP and PvE will find both equally well represented with the Assassin due to its shadowy nature.

Solo Play

The Assassin is extremely well equipped to solo throughout the level ranges in Rift. The very nature of the soul makes it one that operates well on its own, seeking out opportune moments to strike, killing quickly and then quickly disappearing again. Deep spec Assassins will find numerous tools and tricks to confound and strike fear into their opponents.

Group Play

One of the drawbacks to a game with as many unique class combinations as Rift has is that there are so many DPS souls with extra utility that the ones without it tend to get lost in the shuffle. The Assassin is an excellent damage dealer and works well with a group, especially those at the top end that put a premium on throughput, but lesser groups may be looking for more than just straight DPS as they put a party together.

Pairs Best With


It may not seem like a smart combination to pair a pure DPS soul with the callings “tank” soul, but the Riftstalker is an excellent choice. Acting usually as a tertiary spec for the Assassin, the Riftstalker dishes out a lot of upside with a minuscule investment of 5 points. For this nominal cost the Assassin gains 15% attack power, a 15 yard instant teleport and a finishing move that increases survivability. Planar Strike can also be useful to help pull an errant add off of a healer when things go bad.


The most obvious choice for inclusion into an Assassin build, the Bladedancer adds finesse and grace to the other souls deadly efficiency. 16 points spent here will increase the Rogues dexterity, hit, attack power as well as adding a castable dex buff and a sprint. The Bladedancer is a must have for fleshing out and perfecting the Assassin and giving it the comfortable feel of the typical rogue class from other games.

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