Rift Soul Overviews: The Dominator

The Dominator

The Dominator

Calling: Mage
Role: Support
Primary Attribute: Int

Few modern MMOGs utilize pure support classes these days, but with its versatile and deep soul system, Rift is one of the exceptions. While some support souls are more focused on buffing and de-buffing, the Dominator may be the most powerful crowd-control class since the original EQ Enchanter


  • Top crowd-control soul
  • Extremly powerful in PvP
  • High synergy factor with other souls


  • Lower overall damage than other mages
  • Low survivability
  • Support role not as exciting as other roles


The Dominator is a support class soul that focuses on weakening enemies, turning their attacks against them or simply removing them from the battle all together. Fans of WoW mages will feel at home with this soul in a tertiary role as it gives them Transmogrify, which is identical to the Sheep spell found there. Old school gamers that loved the Enchanter class in EverQuest will enjoy moving this soul up to a secondary or even a primary soul, unleashing some wicked abilities that can severely cripple their opponents.

Solo Play

The Dominator isn't a complete weakling, but their damage output is sufficiently low enough to warrant keeping them in the background during solo/leveling play. Using a top DPS soul in a secondary soul slot can be a good compromise however for players who want to keep their skills sharp, but it will still  be a significantly slower road while soloing.

Group Play

Group play is where the Dominator really shines, both in PvE and PvP scenarios. Using their powerful arsenal of CC, damage shields, silences and slows to confuse and confound opponents, a well played Dominator will be the hero of their group and among the most hated by their foes. The 51 point talent, Chastise, is particularly nasty as it can completely nullify an opponents power if allowed to reach its maximum number of stacks.

Pairs Best With


For a well rounded Dominator build it would be wise to pair it with a DPS soul, and the Stormcaller seems to be the best match of the bunch. With several abilities that snare and slow enemies, the Stormcaller plays well into the effect granted by Quick Thinking in the Dominator tree, which increases casting speed each time one of these spells is cast.


In the tertiary spot you can go with either another support class such as the Archon, or with a pet class – and none is better than the Necromancer. Increasing overall versatility and survivability, the Necromancer can a powerful pairing with only 12 points spent in the tree. In addition to a formidable purge ability that also functions as a mana regen, an upgraded pet and a powerful self heal are also granted by this build. 

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