Rift Soul Overviews: The Purifier

The Purifier

The Purifier

Calling: Cleric
Role: Healing
Primary Attribute: WIS

Calling on the power of fire to do their bidding, the Purifier is a healing soul in the cleric calling. Excelling at tank healing, the Purifier is gifted with many quick direct heals. Due to its power this soul can be the focus of your healing build, a supporting soul in a healing build or a supporting build to many DPS builds.


  • Powerful single target healing
  • Mana efficient
  • Able to concentrate on healing others while reactive spells heal themselves
  • Excellent tertiary soul for nearly all roles in cleric calling


  • Not the best at healing group damage
  • Low damage output
  • Can be overwhelmed by burst damage to tank


Using heat and flame to cure disease and mend wounds, Purifiers are exceedingly well equipped to handle the role of main tank healing. In addition to their elemental powers, Purifiers utilize damage mitigating shields to help with the task of keeping their allies alive. Purifiers also are able to increase their allies hit points and bring them back from the dead.

Solo Play

Purifiers may be the best healing soul in terms of solo capability. No matter how good it is however, its still like trying to chop down a tree with a noodle. Unlike many of the other healing souls though, it pairs very well with both caster and melee souls. Some Justicars may even dabble in this tree to bump up their survivability.

Group Play

As with any healing soul, the Purifier will always have a home in a group. The purifier does well in both 5 player dungeons or larger parties, be they raids or invasion content. 

Pairs Best With


Adding the powerful AoE healing of the Sentinel is a match made in heaven for the Purifier. In addition to increased group healing capabilities, the Sentinel helps increase effectiveness of heals and helps with mana conservation. The only downside is some duplication of soul tree talents that don't stack, but the good easily outweighs the bad. 


Pairing the Purifier with the Warden helps stabilize the effects of spike or burst damage on the primary healing target. By using mana efficient heal over time spells, the caster can rest easier knowing that a miscast or interrupted heal won't mean certain doom for their allies. This buffering effect can also allow the Purifier to quickly come to the aid of a DPS who has gotten into trouble. Giving a player time to triage makes this pairing a must have for serious healers.

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