RuneScape 3 Launches First Quest for 6th Age

Jagex reveals the first new quest for the 6th Age of RuneScape with The Death of Chivalry.

Last month Jagex deployed the RuneScape 3 update with improved features and launching the game into its 6th Age. This week the first new quest of the new age goes live with The Death of Chivalry. The quest features one of RuneScapeÂ’s key figures, Sir Owen, who players will join on a quest to recover a powerful artifact from the notorious Black Knight Castle.

Choices will be made during the quest that will impact the world, so choose wisely. If you donÂ’t meet your demise youÂ’ll have a chance to earn some new rewards that include everything from cosmetic armors to Prayer & Combat XP.

The Death of Chivalry quest launches today and will be open to players and scales to all levels.

Source: Jagex Press Release

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