Risa’s Vacation Resort Opens for Star Trek Online’s Summer Event

Take a trip to Risa’s new resort island and earn a new Risian Corvette starship during Star Trek Online’s summer event.

One of the fun things about playing MMORPGs is the inevitable seasonal events that come along to bring us some new content, minigames, and prizes. This week Star Trek Online’s summer event got underway with the opening of the new Risa resort island. If you’re a fan of the Star Trek series, you probably know all about Risa, a pleasure planet and favorite vacation spot of much of the Federation.

During the start of the summer event, players can visit the new Risa resort island to join in on dance parties, purchase grav-generating glider packs, and take part in the “Flying High” event to earn a Risian Corvette starship.

The Star Trek Online summer event will remain available until August 15th, 2013. Check out the summer event page for more.

Source: Star Trek Online Summer Event

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