STO Dev Blog Details Player Starbase Design for Season 6

Lead Artist Jeremy Mattson serves up new details about player starbases in Star Trek Online's Season 6 update.

Star Trek Online Lead Artist Jeremy MattsonÂ’s new dev blog reveals more details about the upcoming player starbases slated for release with the Season 6: Under Siege. In his new blog, Mattson discusses his inspiration for the starbase designs and what players can expect to find in the 5 different tiers that will be available.

The first tier is a tiny little base but it's your tiny little base. Over time the Fleet upgrades the base and it grows and grows until finally at tier 5 it is big and majestic. Not too big and majestic though, we didn't want player fleets to actually out do Starfleet.

Read Mattson's full blog to learn more about the upcoming player starbase feature.

Source: Star Trek Online Season 6 Dev Blog #1: Designing Starbases

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