The Repopulation Contest Wants You to Name That Zone

Above and Beyond Technologies have a new zone for The Repopulation and they have a prize for the person that can name it.

The Repopulation has a nice new shiny name, but it doesnÂ’t have a name as of yet. If you think you have the creative chops to come up with a good name for the new zone, Above & Beyond Technologies is going to give you a chance to tell them about it. If youÂ’re name is good enough, you could win a $100 level Kickstarter pledge package, which includes 3 days of headstart, 3 Repop Tokens, beta access, $70 of store credit, name reservation, and more.

Head over and check out the announcement and screenshots to learn more and submit your name selection to the official thread or via Twitter.

Source: Name That Zone Contest

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