Funcom Details The Secret World’s Augment System

Funcom reveals more about The Secret World’s new ability-enhancing Augment system coming with Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda.

The Secret WorldÂ’s (TSW) Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda is nearing completion, so Funcom today decided to unload some new information about one of the key new systems coming with the update. While TSWÂ’s character system already allows players to build a flexible character through its current design, the Augment system will expand on that, offering players a new wheel with four new skill lines and over forty Augments with varying quality levels to choose from. Players can learn all of the four main lines of Augments (damage, support, survivability, and healing) and attach those Augments to Active Abilities to enhance skills and progress. Read the full story to get the entire rundown of the system.

While no official release date has been given for Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda, the comic cover image for the update does say October. Take that for what you will.

Source: TSW Augment System Blog

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