Trick or Treat: The Secret World Teases Halloween Plans

Funcom Senior Designer Tanya Short shares some spooky Halloween plans for The Secret World.

One of the nice things about The Secret WorldÂ’s modern day and real world themed setting is that it gets the opportunity to take advantage of some of our darker history when thinking up ideas for holiday and seasonal content. In a new developer blog, Senior Designer Tanya Short teased some of what the team is working on for Halloween, and how zombies, a cat god and the town of Kingsmouth will play a part.

We kept coming back to this idea of the King of Cats, a minor mythological being in ancient Ireland called “Irusan” who’s mostly known for eating a poet that got too snarky. Somewhere between a spirit and a god, Irusan had the right attitude to be a complex adversary. After a few pitches were batted around, we decided we’d focus on what we liked about him—that all the cats of the world could be related somehow, and might be used for a greater purpose. Perhaps a greater… EVIL purpose? Dun dun dunnnn.

Source: The Secret World Halloween Blog

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