Video of the Day: SWTOR’s Secret Space Project

That’s no moon, but it is the first teaser for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s super secret space project.
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It’s a trap!

While most of the gaming industry headed to PAX Prime this weekend, BioWare was holding another community cantina tour for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic in Seattle. The good people over at TorWars stopped by to hang out with the BioWare community and managed to get their hands on a little something special from the BioWare team that manages to find itself as today’s video – a teaser for the super secret space project.

While it’s unclear as to what the finished super secret space project will offer, the video looks like it will involve a massive offensive by republic and empire forces. Will that involve PvP? Group and raid ship missions? Time will tell, but that doesn’t have to stop you from speculating below.

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