Carbine Reveals More About the Paths of WildStar

By Stacy Jones -

Last week Carbine teased a new reveal for WildStar with one simple image containing the words “Class Dismissed” and today’s date. Well, the secret is officially out and Carbine has dropped a pair of new videos and new information about the Paths of WildStar. In true Carbine tradition, the videos themselves are a comical treat of gamey goodness.

The first video heads to the Dominion classroom where Agent Voxen tells the now traumatized students about their Path choices and the exciting perks, adventure, and potentially gruesome death that awaits them on Nexus. The second video is another installment of the DevSpeak series, which offers a look at more WildStar gameplay. Both videos offer details on the various Paths (explorers, soldiers, settlers and scientist) that players can choose to compliment their chosen class and support their preferred playstyle.

A player's chosen Path will provide them with specific benefits, mission types, content, and other payoffs available only to that path. So while a soldier will have access to experimental weaponry and tactics, he wonÂ’t be able to discover a shortcut or hidden path like the explorer. This has the added bonus of making each Path choice viable and beneficial to groups as they each bring something specific to the table.

If you weren't interested in WildStar before, you likely will be after checking these new Path details out. Head over to the WildStar website to check out the new information drop and be sure to read our brand new hands-on preview with WildStarÂ’s Settler and Scientist Paths for a deeper look.

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