WildStar Wednesday Examines Planet Nexus

Carbine Studios explores Nexus, the planet at the center of all the fuss in this week’s WildStar Wednesday dev blog.

This week WildStar developers talks about Nexus, the legendary planet of Eldan in the WildStar universe. Nexus is located in unmapped space and home to a long-lost technologically powerful race known as the Eldan. The discovery of the planet has set off a mad rush to discover its many secrets.

The Dominion, a powerful galactic empire, has claimed Nexus and all of its treasures, declaring war on the mercenaries, rebels and refugees of the Exiles that discovered the planet and now call it their home. Caught in the middle of this intensifying conflict is a chaotic and vibrant mix of different races from the furthest corners of the galaxy, including hostile alien races, bloodthirsty space pirates, and greedy intergalactic corporations.

Find out more about the Nexus and how it fits into the story in this weekÂ’s WildStar Wednesday.

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