WildStar Wednesday Takes Another Look at the Further Development of Metal Maw

WildStar Wednesday Returns for another look into the development of Metal Maw, a character fans helped design at gamescom 2011.

WildStar Wednesday has arrived once again and this week it’s time for another look in on our friend Metal Maw, a creature that fans had a hand in designing at this year’s gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. If you’re not sure what Metal Maw is, be sure to check out the first WildStar Wednesday dev blog on the creature.

This week’s blog takes a second look at the development of Metal Maw, who has come quite a long ways. Senior Character Artist Brandon Dix takes fans through the next few phases of development on Metal Maw and how each one changes the creature. If you’re a fan of digital art, you may find this an interesting read. Check out WildStar Wednesday: From Concept to Creature, Part 2 for more.

Source: WildStar website

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