Wizardry Online Launch Day Arrives

SOE and Gamepot bring the classic Wizardry series to MMORPG fans with trap-filled dungeons and the threat of permanent death.

Today is launch day for Wizardry Online. After a short two-week delay of launch, the self-proclaimed hardcore MMORPG based on the classic Wizardry RPG franchise is now live complete with its permadeath mechanic. Dungeons filled with evil creatures, ghostly apparitions, and deadly traps await.

SOE’s Rod L. Haza posted a new “Producer’s Letter” with an update on post-launch plans for Wizardry Online. In short, expect to see new dungeons, outfits, and special events. The first new dungeon is available and awaiting players that log in today with the Underground Dragoon Ruins.

As with other SOE published titles, Wizardry Online is free-to-play and uses a microtransaction store. Just be careful in those dungeons. If you happen to find yourself in a state of dead, it will take an item sacrifice to possibly bring you back. Failing that, you’re pretty much ashes.

Haza also left one other little message for would-be lowbie gankers in his letter.

PS. If I catch you skulking around Caligrasse Sewers, harassing the noobs, the guys from QA and I are definitely going to gank you.

Wizardry Online can be downloaded via the official website and on Steam.

Source: SOE Press Release, Wizardry Producer's Letter

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