Top 5 Questions in WoW Sure to Annoy Other Players

Five questions heard in WoW that are sure to earn you at least one face palm.


There are some questions in World of Warcraft that you should just never ask another player. Like an unwritten set of rules, most players know that these questions are just not to be asked. Typically players learn these pretty quickly or come into the game already aware of them. However, much like in real life, it seems that some players never get the memo and they blurt out these questions to both friends and strangers a like.

When confronted with these questions myself, I tend to fall back on the handy “ignore” feature in the game. Other players are not so delicate and spew off nasty messages to the perpetrators of these questions. Some may claim that these outbursts are unneeded and even uncalled for, but after hearing these same set of questions over and over again a little outrage is to be expected.

Below you will find five of the worst and most notorious questions that when asked cause players to instantly face palm. Enjoy!

Top 5 Questions in WoW Sure to Annoy Other Players

Can you run me through <Insert Instance Here>.

While this is a perfectly find question to pose to a friend, this question is typically spammed to complete strangers. I cannot count the number of times I have had a player who I have never met before ask me to run them through an instance via whisper. The worst part is that even if you politely say no, the player will beg, plead, and even call names to get you to do their bidding. While this question is not exceptionally rude, asking random strangers for an instance run and not taking no for an answer is not the way to go about this.

Can you give me gold?

Instead of earning their own gold, sometimes players decide that instead they should take the easy route and just ask others for it instead. This question has probably lead to more face palms than any other in game. While gold has gotten easier to come by in the game, we still have to work for it, and certainly don't want to be handing it out for free. Especially when this question comes from someone we have never spoken with before. Sure we might lend a friend in need some gold to get that mount they want, but it is highly unlikely that anyone has ever given gold to a beggar sending out random whispers.

Orgrimmar Bank Gold

Can you power level me?

This question goes along the same lines as asking for an instance run, except in some respects it is a little more presumptuous, especially when this question is posed to a stranger. Let's face it, power leveling in World of Warcraft (even now) can be a tedious task. It takes copious amounts of instance running and mob killing to get a character to max level and making this request of a complete stranger is just plain crazy. This is especially true if, as mentioned above, the question asker refuses to take no for an answer.

Will you be my friend?

This whisper seems harmless enough, until you sit down and really think about it. It is true, everyone wants to have friends, especially in a social game like World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, wandering around asking random people to be your friend probably isn't the way to earn lasting friendships. In fact it will probably have the opposite result. If you want to find true friendship in the game run instances, join in guild conversations, and PvP. Asking for friendship is simply not the way to go about it, it needs to happen all on it's own.

WoW Friend Request

Where is Mankrik's wife?

Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, before the Cataclysm and the dissolution of this quest, there was a quest called Lost in Battle. This quest was given by the now infamous Mankrik and directed the player to seek out his wife, who had fallen in battle. To be fair, the quest really offers no real direction to her location, however, after seeing this question spammed over and over via whisper, Trade Chat, Barrens General Chat, and even in say, it tends to get a little bit old.

As if Barrens chat wasn't already bad enough. Usually, I don't mind helping out players looking for things, but this is an exception to the rule. Especially considering that players would ask this question within minutes or even seconds of each other, making it an especially annoying feature of old school WoW.

That concludes our list of the top 5 questions in WoW sure to annoy other players. As you can see most of the questions above are rude and presumptuous, which is why players get so annoyed when asked them. Perhaps the above list will help prevent these questions from being asked at least a little bit. Have you personally been asked any of the questions on our list? How did you react? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

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