Top 5 Crazy World of Warcraft Roleplaying Outfits

Five of the craziest (and coolest) roleplaying outfits that are sure to take your character's wardrobe to the next level.

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Roleplaying in World of Warcraft is pretty serous business. Players spend long hours fleshing out their character's individual personalities and setting up complex roleplaying situations for themselves and their companions. To complete the illusion, players also love to dress up their characters to fit the part they have chosen to play. While most roleplaying outfits are pretty standard (cook, adventurer, pirate), some of the outfits out there are more than a little wild and crazy.

Check out five of the best, or worst (depending on how you look at it), of these outfits below:

Top 5 Crazy World of Warcraft RP Outfits

The Pimp

Pimpin' ain't easy, but it sure is fun. Even if you are doing it while roleplaying in World of Warcraft. Why exactly anyone would ever need to roleplay an actual pimp in game is beyond me. However, if the need ever arises or you are just in the market for something a bit more outlandish, this outfit will fit the bill. I personally believe this outfit looks best on the male orc, but, it can be successfully pulled off by any character model.

Pimp RP Outfit

Here is how to put together this crazy roleplaying outfit for your very own:

  • Head – Stylin' Purple Hat
  • Shirt - Pink Mageweave Shirt
  • Belt - Runed Stygian Belt
  • Gloves - Ghoul Fingers
  • Cape -Shadow Prowler's Cloak
  • MainHand - Diamond-Tipped Cane

The Caveman

Take a real walk on the wild side in this fun (and a little crazy) outfit. Great for any jungle or cave setting this roleplaying outfit is simple to put together and exceptionally fun to wear.

Caveman RP Outfit

Below you will find the pieces needed to complete this look:

  • Legs - Ripped Ogre Loincloth
  • Chest - Barbaric Linen Vest
  • Main Hand - Large Bear Bone

A Little Leather

For those who like things a little spicy, this outfit is sure to bring a little heat in game. Not for the feint of heart, this outfit looks best on female (as most do) characters and leaves very little to the imagination. The best part about this outfit? Since your character is wearing so little, putting this look together is super simple.

Leather RP Outfit

Here is how to get this super sexy, a little bit crazy look:

  • Chest -Warrior's Embrace
  • Legs -Black Mageweave Leggings

The Gladiator

If you are a mail wearer tired of playing up the Legolas look, this crazy roleplaying outfit may be right up your alley. An all-mail set when transmoged onto your character this outfit will give your character the flamboyant look of a celebrity gladiator straight out of ancient times.

Gladiator RP Outfit

If your character is ready to dress to impress a crowd of blood thirsty spectators, then get the look by using the items below:

  • Shoulders - Glimmering Mail Pauldrons
  • Back - Knight's Cloak
  • Chest - Glimmering Mail Breastplate
  • Shirt - Brawler's Harness
  • Hands - Thorbia's Guantlets
  • Waist - Mail Combat Belt
  • Legs - Glimmering Mail Legguards
  • Feet - Banded Boots
  • Main-Hand Weapon - Dwarven Hatchet
  • Off-Hand Weapon - Resplendent Guardian

The Geek

While most of us would fall into this category in real life, most of the time we wouldn't dream of playing out the part in game. Most of us would instead prefer to play the hero, however, in this crazy outfit, the geek gets his brief moment of fame.

Geek RP Outfit

From the glasses to the book in hand, this outfit screams what society deems to be the “classic” geek. This outfit is perfect for any roleplayer looking to take on this often ignored role. Collect the items below to create this geektastic look:

Head: Flying Tiger Goggles

Shirt: Green Lumberjack Shirt

Waist: Canvas Belt

Legs: Lucky Trousers (Alliance)/Padre's Trousers (Horde)

Feet: Ringo's Blizzard Boots

Off-Hand: Tome of the Dawn

Wondering where you can pick up the items required to create the outfits listed above? All the items found in this article can be obtained either by farming, crafting or can be found for purchase via the Auction House. While either method will take some patience, the end result will undoubtedly be worth the effort.

That wraps up our list of top 5 crazy roleplaying outfits in World of Warcraft. Will you be trying any of the outfits listed above out in your own roleplaying endeavors? What are some of your favorite wild and crazy roleplaying outfits? Share them with us using the comment section found below!

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