Deepwind Gorge Patch 5.3 Preview

An overview of the brand new PvP battleground, Deepwind Gorge, set to launch in Patch 5.3.


Deepwind Gorge is the newest player versus player battleground in World of Warcraft. Set to launch in Patch 5.3, this battleground is located in the mines of Deepwind Gorge, found deep within in the Valley of the Four Winds. Here fifteen players of the Alliance and fifteen from the Horde will get the chance to face off for some of the rich resources of Pandaria. Players need to be level 90 to enter Deepwind Gorge. Who will ultimately prevail? The faction with the most gold of course.

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Deepwind Gorge Quick Facts

Location: Deepwind Gorge, Valley of the Four Winds

Player Count: 15 vs. 15

Level Requirement: 90

Capture Points: Northern, Central, and Southern Mines

Mine Carts: Awards 200 Gold and 20 Bonus Honor

Victory Requirement: Reach 1,600 Gold

Deepwind Gorge Map

Deepwind Gorge Mine

Players entering Deepwind Gorge will find themselves in an player versus player setting reminiscent of the Arathi Basin. Horde and Alliance players will begin on opposite sides of the map. Once inside the factions will battle over three mine locations that your team will need to assault and claim for your faction. There is a northern Pandaren mine, central mine, and a southern Goblin mine. Each mine has a flag to indicate its presence as well as miners collecting resources.

Deepwind Gorge Central Mine

Capturing each mine is done just like bases in other similar battlegrounds, by simply clicking the flag and waiting until the cast is complete. Damage or player death will interrupt the cast and the capturing process will need to begin again. While your faction holds the mine, the miners there will collect gold for your cause, helping your team come closer to the 1,600 gold goal. The more mines your team can hold, the faster gold will be collected.

Deepwind Gorge Mine Carts

Unlike Arathi Basin, which is fully a domination type map, Deepwind Gorge has another objective thrown in to make things a little more interesting. Each team will find a cart laden with gold at their faction's base. You can “steal” the other factions cart by clicking on it. This will attach the cart to your character and you can then walk it back to your base to capture it. Unlike normal battleground flags, you do not need your factions cart to be present at your base to make a cart capture.

Of course, capturing the cart can not be overly easy. Once you have clicked the cart, you are limited to normal running speed only. Only spells like Blink can help you get you to your destination faster. This means no mounts and no travel forms. If your cart is stolen, you must kill the cart bearer and then click the cart to return it to your base. If you do not click the cart it will remain in it's current location and make it that much easier for the other faction to capture it.

Deepwind Gorge Mine Cart

Completing a cart capture will award your team with 20 bonus honor and 200 gold. After making a capture a message will appear indicating that your faction has “stolen” gold from the other team. While your team will earn gold, it currently does not appear that any is actually taken from the other team. Perhaps this additional twist will go into affect in a future patch.

Winning Deepwind Gorge

To win in the Deepwind Gorge Battleground players must use a tactics from both Arathi Basin and Warsong Gultch. Capturing the mines is important, however, spreading your forces too thin will ultimately lead to failure. Instead holding a few mines while sending a small team to capture mine carts seems to be the way to go here. This method also seems to provide the most fun, as players get to take part in a domination type battleground as well as a capture the flag. Of course other methods could and should be used based on team composition and the various strengths of the players within.

Deepwind Gorge Mine

Have you had the opportunity to test out Deepwind Gorge on the public test realms? How do you feel about this new battleground? How did your team achieve victory? What other types of battlegrounds would you like to see added to World of Warcraft in the future? Share your thoughts with us using the comment section below!

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