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The entity Therazane, known as the Stonemother, is one of the four Elemental Lords who rule over the various elements of the world. Ruling over the earth, dirt, rock and the mountains Therazane is revered by earth elementals and all those that make their home in the ground. Being the most peaceful of the Elemental Lords, Therazane is slow to anger which could explain that while she seethes and weeps at the destruction Deathwing and his evil ilk have brought to the world she has yet to take any direct action.

Having a humanoid form Therazane appears to be made up of stones and earth and is covered by many clinging vines. The Stonemother has squat legs and four imposing arms and is thanks to other prominent features, undeniably female. For the art history buffs out there, her in-game model closely resembles the Venus of Willendorf. She also may be the supposed kind and gentle Earthmother that is revered by the Tauren race.

Despite her apparent kind and gentle nature the races of the world have managed to anger this rather imposing lady. Therazane holds all mortals of the world personally responsible for the death of her daughter, Princess Theradras, and you will need to prove yourself to her before she will even consider not grinding you into a pulp.

[protip]Therazane is, understandably, unhappy with you when you first turn up in her throneroom, after all you - yes, you killed her daughter. As a result, you can't talk to her or interact with any of the other NPCs. Don't worry though, while you are hated by her and her minions, they won't actually attack you. [/protip]

Sons of….Therazane?

Much like the Sons of Hodir that were introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, players will find themselves starting out as Hated with Therazane and will need to “prove” themselves to her and her elemental minions before obtaining access to daily quests and reputation rewards. To do this players will need to do some extensive questing in the zone.

What exactly is meant by extensive? Basically you will need to complete the grand majority of quests in the zone, which will eventually result in you restoring the World Pillar. It’s been estimated that at least 70-75 quests must be completed in the zone before you will get your chance to have your first glimpse of Therazane. So if the faction is still not available to you, the solution will always be: do more quests!

Thankfully there is an upside to all the questing needed to open up and gain the trust of this faction. If you are diligent and complete most if not all the quests in Deepholm you will find yourself at least halfway through Honored with the faction before you even have to worry about doing dailies or running instances, making the journey to Exalted quite easy.

Earning Reputation

Now that Therazane is somewhat…accepting…of your presence you can finally access other methods of earning reputation for this faction:

Besides daily quests Therazane reputation can be earned by running instances with the Tabard of Therazane equipped. The Tabard can be purchased from the quartermaster at Therazane’s Throne and requires the player to have achieved Friendly with the faction.

Each instance could potentially yield around 3000 reputation per heroic instance (normal mode instances will of course produce less reputation gain) depending on the number of bosses and mobs available inside The more bosses and mobs, the more reputation you will gain in the instance. Don’t forget to add in any extra reputation you may be gaining thanks to the new guild achievement rewards!

Once you have completed the Deepholm quest line, the Therazane dailies will become available for your questing pleasure. The dailies can vary from day to day, with only a limited number being offered each day based upon your personal reputation with the faction. All dailies except “Underground Economy” are received at the Throne of Therazane. In total there are currently ten daily quests available for the Therazane faction.

Soft Rock

Kill 8 Fungal Behemoths.
  • Questgiver: Forsik the Tumultuous
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: A simple kill and turn in quest, the Fungal Behemoths needed can be found in the Crimson Expanse, which is located on the upper shelf of Deepholm, north of Silvermarsh, south of the Verlok Stand and east of the Twilight Precipice.

Fungal Fury

Destroy 10 of the newly sprouted mushrooms in the Crimson Expanse.
  • Questgiver: Gorsik the Tumultuous
  • Reputation Gained: 250
  • Related Achievement: Fungal Frenzy
Tips: The mushrooms needed for this quest are smallish intractable objects, most commonly found at the base of the red crystal formations protruding from the ground in the Crimson Expanse on the eastern side of Deepholm, although they can also be found around the base of any terrain feature (bigger mushrooms, rocks, ect). Simply destroy any 10 of these mushrooms to complete the quest. Be warned that destroying the mushroom sometimes causes side effects.

  • Poolstool: Oversized red mushroom usually found near the water.
  • Shuffletruffle: Small white mushroom found near rock formations.
  • Shrinkshroom: Small brown-white mushroom found in the same places as Shuffletruffles. Can be hard to distinguish between the two.
  • Trapcap: Purple dotted mushroom found in the center of the Crimson Expanse.

Through Persistence

Retrieve a Bag of Verlok Miracle-Grow.
  • Questgiver: Ruberick
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: While the quest information and the in-game quest helper will both direct you to the Crimson Strand for these Troggs, these can be best found on the topmost tier of the Verlok Strand which is north of the Crimson Expanse, and north east of the Temple of Earth. Both Verlok Shroomtenders and  Verlok Grubthumpers are able to drop the quest item so simply kill these until you get lucky. It is rumored however, that the drop rate for this quest item may be significantly higher for Verlok’s that drop a vial (which will make a crash sound), giving itself the buff Fungal Craze. The validity of this claim has not been fully tested.

Fear of Boring

Kill 10 Gyreworms.
  • Questgiver: Felsen the Enduring
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: Another simple kill and turn in quest, the Gyreworms needed can be found in large numbers inside the Crumbling Depths a series of caves found just south of Therazane’s Throne, with a few stragglers that can be found outside. These worms prefer to spend most of their time below the surface, only popping up from time to time, however waiting is not nessacary. Simply look for the worm’s tell tale dust trail and stand above it, you will soon be greeted by a very angry worm. 


Recover 10 Motes of Painite.
  • Questgiver: Felsen the Enduring
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: The Motes in quest resemble smallish green crystals and are strewn throughout the Crumbling Depths. The Crumbling depths is a cave which can be found just south of Therazane's Throne between the Pale Roost and the Crimson Expanse. Simply collect 10 of these motes to complete this quest.

Lost in the Deeps

Find Pebble!
  • Questgiver: Pyrite Stonetender
  • Reputation Gained: 250
  • Related Achievement: Rock Lover
Tips: To complete this quest you must escort Pebble safely out of the Crumbling Deeps (a cave which can be found just south of Therazane’s Throne). To complete this quest  enter the cave and take out any Gyreworms that get in your path. Moving a bit further into the cave, you will then be faced with a round room containing the Colossal Gyreworm. Avoid being eaten by this worm by waiting for the worm to pass then following directly behind and sneaking into a small side passage. Wait for the worm to pass again and continue on into the first main chamber. Take the first right from here and then an immediate left, Pebble can be found channeling here. Backtrack with Pebble in tow to leave the cave. Use caution as being eaten by the Colossal Gyreworm will reset the quest and you will need to retrieve Pebble again.

Beneath the Surface

Recover an Enormous Ruby Crystal Cluster.
  • Questgiver: Felsen the Enduring
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: Ruby Crystal Clusters can be found inside the Crumbling Depths (a cave which can be found just south of Therazane’s Throne) at the end of dead end tunnels and will be marked with a skull on your minimap. Clicking the cluster will spawn a level 83 Enormous Gyreworm with a little over 100k health that will drop the quest item once defeated.

Underground Economy

Use Ricket’s Tickers to father 3 Deep Alabaster Crystals, 3 Deep Celestite Crystals, 3 Deep Amethyst Crystals, and 3 Deep Garnet Crystals.
  • Questgiver: Ricket
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: This is the only quest that is not obtained at Therazane’s Throne. Instead this can be picked up from a tiny Goblin found inside the Crumbling Deeps. To complete this quest you *must* use Rocet’s Tickers to break off the crystals listed above. The crystal formations are NOT the spiky balls, but rather, pillars with one type in each of the four rooms of the cave.

  • Alabaster (white) - Main Chamber
  • Celestite (blue) - Bottom Chamer
  • Amythest (purple) - Northern Chamber
  • Garnet (red) - Top Chamber

Glop, Son of Glop

Speak to Earthmender Norsala, then kill Fungalmancer Glop.
  • Questgiver: Ruberick
  • Reputation Gained: 350
  • Related Achievement: The Glop Family Line
Tips: This quest only becomes available once you are Revered with the Therazane faction and once you have completed the quest “Wrath of the Fungalmancer”. Earthmender Norsala can be found just inside a small cave, the entrance of which can be seen on your map between the Verlok Stand and the Crimson Expanse. Being the NPC for the daily and the normal quest she will frequently be missing. Simply wait for her to respawn (about 5 minutes) then speak with her to start the quest. You will then be lead on a wild goose chase throughout the cave until you finally kill Fungalmancer Glop.

The Restless Brood

Defeat Aeosera.
  • Questgiver: Terrath the Steady
  • Reputation Gained: 350
  • Related Achievement: My Very Own Broodmother
Tips: This quest is exactly as same as the normal quest “Resonating Blow” and requires Revered with the Therazane faction to access. To summon Aeosera head the the center of The Pale Roost, west of Therazane’s Throne where you will find a pale green crystal. Strike the crystal with the hammer provided to you and rocks will descend. Jump from rock to rock until you reach the top and can do damage to her. Avoid her attacks by jumping to a close by rock.

Reputation Rewards

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Tabard/Tabard Any

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Enchant/Shoulder Tanking
Enchant/Shoulder Physical DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Melee DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Spell DPS/Healing

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Finger/Finger Melee DPS
Finger/Finger Physical DPS
Finger/Finger Tanking
Finger/Finger Spell DPS

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Tanking
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Physical DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Melee DPS
Enchant/Shoulder Exalted Spell DPS/Healing

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