Mists of Pandaria: Tillers Reputation Guide

Get in the know when it comes to Tillers reputation with this handy guide.

The Tillers are one of the factions that were introduced in Mists of Pandaria, the newest World of Warcraft expansion. Heading up Pandaria's agricultural faction, the Tillers make their home in the most fertile portion of the Valley of the Four Winds in a town called Halfhill. Currently there are three distinct activities that players can participate in regarding the Tillers:


The Tillers are a very unique faction in that they allow the player to farm a plot of land (Sunsong Ranch). Here players can plant their own crops, improve the farm, and even eventually earn the right to call the farm their own. Farming Sunsong ranch is not about earning reputation with the Tillers, although some quests related to the farm do earn favor, Sunsong Ranch is all about the joy of farming. Farming on the ranch requires the player to at least reach level 85.


Tilling Untilled Soil is the first step in the farming process.

The Tillers sports 10 individual members that players will need to interact with and earn friendship with. This friendship is tracked separately from the faction as a whole. Gaining friendship with each member can be done by digging up gifts and delivering them, bringing the member his or her favorite dish (limited to once a day), or completing a quest given to you by that member. Most duties that earn friendship do not reward Tillers reputation. Requires level 90.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests for the Tillers faction take place in Halfhill. These Daily Quests reward reputation for the entire faction as well as the member of the faction that the quest ends at. Daily Quests for the Tillers require level 90.

Cultivating Sunsong Ranch

To begin your farming adventures you will need to first seek out Farmer Yoon who can be found in Halfhill at a tiny farm known as Sunsong Ranch. If you are level 85 or higher, Farmer Yoon will offer you a quest that will begin your initiation into the world of farming. A breadcrumb quest leading to Farmer Yoon can be found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms at your character's faction hub. Both the initial quest from Farmer Yoon and the breadcrumb quest require the player to have reached level 85. No matter how you start it, the quests from Farmer Yoon will provide you with the basics of farming; tilling, planting, tending, and harvesting.

Buying Seeds

Seeds of the vegetable, Blossom Tree, and special variety can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield who is located in Halfhill Market. Seeds can be purchased for a few silver or gold a piece. As more reputation is earned with the Tillers, more seed types will become available. Seeds can stack up to 50 in your bags making transporting them easier than ever. As you earn Friendship and reach Best Friends rank with some of the Tiller's, they may send you gifts of free seeds that will show up in your mailbox. Seeds can also sometimes be harvested from grown crops.

Seed Bags

Also available from Merchant Greenfield are two types of Seed Bags. While not a necessary investment, Seed Bags are useful if you are planning on planting large amounts of crops (30 or more). Not only do they make planting faster, but they can actually be cheaper than buying the equivalent volume of seeds. Instead of paying cash to Merchant Greenfield, you can also choose to purchase Seed Bags from his assistant, Milly Greenfield, for the price of 30 of the seed type which the bag will plant.

Unusual Seeds

  • Ominous Seed – These seeds are very uncommon and can only be occasionally harvested alongside a vegetable crop. These seeds can be replanted and will produce a Terrible Turnip minipet.
  • Unstable Portal Shard – Introduced in Patch 5.1, these seeds are sold by Barnaby Fletcher who can sometimes be found at the Halfill Market. Costing 3 gold each, these seeds require you first complete a short quest chain from Merchant Greenfield that is only available to those Revered with the Tiller faction. Portal Shards should be planted like normal seeds, however, tending the newly planted Shard can be hazardous as it causes a level 90 Rift Stalker to appear. After defeating the Rift Stalker, Portal Shards grow just like any other plant. Harvesting the plant will grant a city-specfic portal shard according to your faction. Which city your shard is attuned to is totally random. Shards can only be used once and can only be used on Sunsong Ranch.

Tilling the Earth
Parched crops require you to water them.

To till you will need to return to Sunsong Ranch and till one of the Untilled Soil patches. To do this simply click the soil. Your farm will start out with 4 such patches, each of which can grow one crop per day.

Planting Seeds

To plant a seed you must target one of the soil patches you have tilled. Once targeted you must use (click) a seed in your inventory, thus planting it.

Tending Crops

You can’t expect your newly planted crops to just grow…they are going to need some TLC. How you tend each crop will depend on the type it is. Crops can either be Alluring, Infested, Parched, Runty, Smothered, Tangled, Wiggling, or Wild. Below you will find a brief description on what each of these labels requires:

  • Alluring - Defend your crop against angry Planshawk that will appear when the crop is interacted with.
  • Infested - Use the Vintage Bug Sprayer that can be found on the ground near the hut on the crop.
  • Parched - Use the Rusty Water Can gained from the initial quests on the crop.
  • Runty - Interact with the crop and then jump using the spacebar.
  • Smothered - Use the “Pull” ability that is gained once the player interacts with the crop.
  • Tangled - Grab hold of the tangle vines that have appeard and run at least 15 yards away from the crop.
  • Wiggling - Defend the crop against angry Virmen that appear when the crop is interacted with.
  • Wild - Build up fifty stacks of Dominance using the “Flex” ability. Use Gnaw to interrupt attacks. Both abilities are gained when interacting with the crop.

Each of these actions is either a super quick mini-game or requires the use of one of the various tools found lying about the farm. Can't find a tool? If you cannot find a tool on the ground, it is most likely already in your inventory.

Harvesting Crops
Merchent Greenpaw sells all the seeds you need to have a thriving farm.

Crops will typically take about 1 full day to change from Growing to Ripe. Different soil patches may grow at different rates and times. Don't worry about not knowing when your plants will be ready to harvest, as of Patch 5.1 the duration is displayed for every plant. Once the crop has reached maturity you may harvest it by clicking on it. Sometimes , there is an extra step needed after harvesting as the soil can take on two varied states that will prevent you from tilling until they are remedied. The two states are:

  • Occupied - Kill all Virmen living in the ground.
  • Stubborn - Use the “Pull” ability.

You are now ready to begin the process anew.

Upgrading Sunsong Ranch

As you grow more fond of farming, you may decide that you want to upgrade your farm. Thankfully Blizzard foresaw this want and offers up three methods to do it:

Tillers Union Quests

Taking on the Tillers Union Quests will lead you on a long questing journey to convince various members of the Tillers to let you farm. As you convince each member you will increase the size of your farm, adding extra patches of soil that can then be used to grow additional crops. Players may have up to 16 soil patches. Tillers Union Quests unlock as you earn reputation with the faction. All of these quests will begin with Farmer Yoon and will require the player to be level 90. A listing of the quests can be found below:

  • Gina Mudclaw’s Vote
  • Gai Lan’s Improvement
  • Mung-Mung’s Vote
  • Fish Fellreed’s Improvement
  • Farmer Fung’s Vote
  • Nana Mudclaw’s Vote
  • Haohan Mudclaw’s Vote
  • Haohan Mudclaw’s Finale
  • Haohan Mudclaw’s Improvement

Farm Machinery

After completing some of the Tillers Union Quests described above, you will be able to purchase 3 types of farm machinery from a vendor named Gina Mudclaw. Gina also doles out her own quests to earn reputation with both her and the Tillers and is also the vendor who is responsible for selling Riding Goats. Each piece of machinery sells for roughly 100g. The three pieces of machinery are as follows:

Jinyu Princess - Large silver barrels of water are added to one end of each set of 8 soil patches. Each barrel contains a sprinker which can be activated to douse all 8 patches with water at the same time. This instantly tends any Parched crops.

Thunder Keg - Adds a small device to the center of both sets of 8 soil patches. Activating the Thunder Keg causes it to surge energy that instantly tends any Infested Crops.

Earth -Slasher - Adds a plough to Sunsong Ranch. This can be picked up and placed in the player’s bags. To use position your character at the end of one row of 4 soil patches, then use the plow to push it over all 4. This will till any untilled soil. When using the Earth-Slasher over “Occupied” soil patches, Virmen residing there will emerge stunned and at 30% health. Pretty handy!

To install the machinery you simply start the item’s quest and speak with Farmer Yoon. If the changes are not visible, leave your farm and then return. If the first two of these items are actually worth the cost is up for debate, as they only are useful on a certain type of growing plant.

Best Friends

As mentioned above, and described in more detail below, you can earn friendship with various members of the Tillers. The top status of friendship is “Best Friend” As you earn this status with each of the members they will automatically make small, mostly cosmetic improvements to the farm.

Lost Dog

What is a farm without a dog? Not much of a farm I would say. Besides the three main methods of improving your farm mentioned above, players may also opt to gain themselves a furry companion to roam their farms. To do this they must travel to the south center of the Heartlands, just west of Halfhill. Here, if you are lucky, you will find a Lost Dog with a quest. The quest will ask you to find 20 Tasty T-Bones that can be obtained from Mushan in the Skyrange (requires personal flight to get to). When the quest is complete the dog will run to Sunsong Ranch as a level 90 “Dog” and take his place beside Farmer Yoon.

Tillers Friendship

Collect gifts from Dark Soil and use them to earn friendship with select Tillers members.

Players can earn friendship with 10 special members of the Tillers. Friendship is earned individually and is totally separate from the Tillers faction reputation. Current friendship is shown by a progress bar next to a heart, which is displayed at the top of any dialog box you open with any of these 10 members, as well as at the Tillers Shrine in Sunsong Ranch. Friendship progresses upwards from 0 to 42,999, through a series of five ranks, with the sixth rank gained at 42,000. The ranks progress as follows: Stranger, Acquaintance, Buddy, Friend, Good Friend, Best Friend.

There are currently three methods to earn reputation with these 10 Tillers, all of which require the player to be level 90:

Favorite Foods

Nothing makes friends faster than a good meal. Using this method players must deliver 5 of the member’s favorite meal to them. This can be completed once a day. Friends quests for meals will only be offered if you actually have 5 of the needed dish in your inventory. All required dishes can be cooked. 

Gifts of Friendship

If food isn’t enough, you can also bribe er…win over these members by giving them gifts. Each member has his or her favorite type of gift. These gifts may be found inside Dark Soil, which appears randomly across the Tillers land. Handing in gifts appears to be unlimited, however, gifts are sometimes difficult and time consuming to find so exploring other options for friendship will likely be necessary. These gifts bind to your character when picked up so they cannot be traded. All friends will accept gifts, even ones they don't like, it is up to you to deliver the right gift to the right friend. Delivering the preferred gift will earn more reputation.

To give an extra helping hand when it comes to food and gifts below you will find a listing of the 10 Tillers friends and their favorite foods and gifts:

Friend Favorite Meal Perfect Gift
Tina Mudclaw Fire Spirit Salmon Ruby Shard
Sho Eternal Blossom Fish Lovely Apple
Chee Chee Valley Stir Fry Blue Feather
Ella Shrimp Dumplings Jade Cat
Farmer Fung Wildfowl Roast Marsh Lily
Gina Mudclaw Swirling Mist Soup Marsh Lily
Old Hillpaw Braised Turtle Blue Feather
Jogu the Drunk Sauteed Carrots Lovely Apple
Haohan Mudclaw Charbroiled Tiger Steak Ruby Shard
Fish Fellreed Twin Fish Platter Jade Cat

Friendship Quests

In addition to giving food and gifts friends may offer up quests to earn their favor. Friendship gains from these quests are huge, coming in at around 2,000-4,000 friendship. There are three types of extra quests, although not every friend offers all types of quest:

Daily Quests - These end at the friend that you will earn friendship with and are also Tillers daily quests. Most of these quests are only available occasionally.

Regular Quests - These can only be completed once and unlock when you reach a certain rank of friendship.

World Drop Quests - These start from objects you find in the wide world of Pandaria and will end at one friend. This is the friend you will earn reputation with. Examples are: Beautiful Brooch, Exquisite Earring, and Nice Necklace. These world drops are bound to your character and cannot be traded.

Friendship Rewards

As mentioned previously, making friends with these 10 Tillers has its benefits. Each friend will offer you their personal touch as a reward:

  • Chee Chee - Adds 4 Farm Sheep to your farm. Mails a Goodie Bag.
  • Ella - Adds a cat named Luna to your farm. Mails a Tree Seed Pack.
  • Farmer Fund - Adds a Yak named Shaggy to your farm. Mails an Enigma Seed.
  • Fish Fellreed - Adds 3 Pigs to your farm. Mails a Special Seed Pack.
  • Gina Mudclaw - Adds a Mailbox to your farm. Mails a Celebration Gift.
  • Haohan Mudclaw - Adds a Mushan named Miss Fifi to your farm. Mails 3 Songbell Seeds.
  • Jogu the Drunk - No longer charges to make predictions about the next days crops. Mails drinks.
  • Old Hill paw - Adds Chickens to your farm. Mails a Straw Hat.
  • Sho - Adds an orange tree to your farm. Mails a Chirping Package.
  • Tina Mudclaw - Adds furniture to your farm’s hut. Mails cooked food.

Besides these rewards players will also earn an achievement for becoming Best Friends with any one of the Tillers friends, and another for becoming Best Friends with all 10 of the Tillers friends.

Owning Sunsong Ranch

As of Patch 5.2, Sunsong Ranch can be owned by you! Once you have completed the questline associated with the Tiller's Union and have all 16 plots unlocked for use, seek out Nana Mudclaw who will have the quest “Inherit the Earth” available. This quest will send you to Farmer Yoon to convince him to take up a new position with the Tiller's Union. Once Farmer Yoon relents, he will gift the farm to you....for free! Owning Sunsong Ranch unlocks Work Orders; daily quests that grant reputation with a range of Pandarian factions.

Tillers Daily Quests

The Daily Quests for the Tillers unlock only after the initial Sunsong Ranch quests have been completed. Players will find they will be at Honored reputation at the end of the introductory Sunsong Ranch quests. All Daily Quests begin from quest-givers found in Halfhill. Daily Quests are the best repeatable way to earn reputation with this faction besides harvesting crops. There are currently five separate Tillers Daily Quests available and all require level 90. More Daily Quests may become active after the official launch of Mists of Pandaria.

Besides the regular Daily Quests mentioned above, the Tillers also offer a Cooking Daily. This quest comes from one of the Cooking Way Trainers found inside Halfhill Market. When complete this daily will reward the player with 1 cooking skill point, 1 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune, 1 Ironpaw Token, and 5 Valor Points, but no reputation bonuses.

Earning Reputation Faster

There are a few ways to gain reputation faster than normal with factions in Pandaria that can help you save time in the game.

Grand Commendation

Earn Reputation in half the time!

The first way to gain reputation faster requires you to be working on reputation with any secondary characters that you have (or a primary that is at least revered). Once one character gets to revered with a faction you gain the ability to purchase an item from them called a Grand Commendation. This item allows you to earn double reputation with that faction on this and all other characters that you have. It is an awesome speed boost to earning rep, and one that you should make sure you grab as soon as you hit revered with each faction. It cuts that last 21,000 reputation required to get to Exalted down to half. The fact that it speeds up all other characters sure doesn't hurt either.

The second way to earn reputation faster is to champion a faction while running LFG dungeon runs and scenarios each day. This feature was added into the game with Patch 5.2. This feature is especially handy if you have gotten sick of doing dailies for various factions. You can select a faction to champion and you will get 200 reputation with them for the first scenario you complete each day and 300 reputation with them for the first LFG random dungeon that you run each day. Over time this 500 points each day really adds up. If you team this up with a character that already has a Grand Commendation, it means you can get from revered to exalted in 10 days just with scenario and dungeon runs. Not to shabby.

operation shieldwall ring
You can tell which reputation you will earn in scenarios and dungeons by which star is filled in, and which factions you are earning double reputation with by the bars that have the arrows on them.


Do you have any other helpful information to share about the Tillers? Please feel free to share it with us and the rest of the Ten Ton Hammer community in the comments section below!

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