Random Guild Invites: Major No-No

Why random guild invites are a plague and how they can be wiped from the face of World of Warcraft.


There is nothing like some peaceful leveling in World of Warcraft. Running about the world with nothing but the weapons on your back completing quests and killing everything that moves. A soothing and blissful process. That is, until you are bombarded with one guild invite after another until it becomes a relentless parade. These mass invites players experience while leveling are invasive, insensitive, almost totally misguided, and it is about time something changes.

Random Guild Invites = Bad Idea

Random guild invites sent out to players while leveling is and always has been an epidemic. If you are unguilded, you can expect at least two or more every single time you play. These invites roll in without warning, invitation, and often without even a hello beforehand. Clicking “Decline” on these ninja invites becomes almost reflex after playing for so long and it really shouldn't be that way.

In fact, these random guild invites that are sent out are likely doing far more harm than good. No matter what good intentions these senders may have, no one wants a mass of guild invites from people they don't know in their face. It gets irritating and may actually turn players off from joining a particular guild rather than making them want to join.

Let me put this in perspective for you; random guild invites sent out to players are something like random solicitors that show up on your real life front door. No one appreciates it, no one wants it, and even though they have mostly good intentions, they are downright annoying. Now imagine 6-7 (or more) unwelcome solicitors a day. Doesn’t sound very fun does it?

Random guild invites are the same way. In fact, players are so annoyed by these that there are pages and pages on forums about the subject. Even if you have the best of intentions, sending these out to every low level unguilded player you can find is more than a little annoying and maybe just a tad presumptuous. No player should feel obligated to check the “Block Guild Invites” button just to find a little peace in the game.

Random Guild Invite

The Right Way to Send a Guild Invite

With all that being said, that doesn't mean you should give up on trying to recruit players to your guild. What it does mean is that you should put a little bit more thought and effort into it because when it comes to guild invites there is definitely a right and wrong way to do things. While doing it the right way may take up more time and require more thought, it will likely result in more players saying yes to your guild invitations.

Wondering how to avoid being obnoxious and get yourself on track to sending a guild invite the right way? Never fear! There is hope! In fact, during my recent leveling experiences I have had several guild invites that were almost perfectly right. Check out the helpful tips below to ensure you never make another random player eye roll again:

  • Try to never send out generic mass invites to random players.
  • If you must send out mass invites, at least include a message introducing yourself and your guild.
  • Do not send out more than one invite per player. Repeat spam is never welcome.
  • Say hello. Get to know a player first.
  • Find out if the player is even interested in joining a guild.
  • Be polite, even if the player turns you down.
  • Be social. Meet prospective guild members by doing random groups, peddling your trade skills, or buying from others.
  • Put your best face forward. Help out struggling low level players to entice them to want to join your guild.
  • Think before you act, if you wouldn't want it done to you, don't do it at all.
  • Watch for players looking for guilds in General, Trade, and other public chat channels.
  • List your guild on the in-game Guild Finder and Blizzard's Guild Recruitment Forum.

By using these tips and more you can set yourself up to go from being an annoyance in the life of another player to a welcome addition. Be courteous, conscientious, and never do anything to anyone else that you wouldn't also want done to you. After almost 10 years of World of Warcraft and plenty of guild recruitment tools at our disposal, it is about time we finally put an end to the epidemic of random guild invites!

Block All Guild Invites

Do you have any tips for players looking to recruit for their guild? Have you ever experienced a plethora of unwelcome guild invites on any of your characters? Are you guilty of sending out random guild invites? Share your ideas and stories with us in the comments section below!

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