Turbine Resurrects Asheron’s Call 2

Turbine reaches into the abyss and drags Asheron’s Call 2 back from the depths for a second chance.

HereÂ’s a little surprise for the holidays. Remember that short-lived MMORPG follow-up to AsheronÂ’s Call known as AsheronÂ’s Call 2? In a rather surprise announcement today, Turbine decided to resurrect the long-dead title and give it a second chance. In a post to the AsheronÂ’s Call forums today, Turbine revealed that a new server for the MMORPG is now available as a beta for current AsheronÂ’s Call subscribers.

Head over and check out this forum post for details on how to download the game and start playing.

via Massively
Source: Turbine Announcement

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