Age of Empires Online Ends Content Development

Gas Powered Games announces that the little content still in development for Age of Empires Online will be its last.

There’s a little bad news today if you’re an avid fan of Age of Empires Online. Gas Powered Games has announced that future content development for the title is coming to an end once the little that’s still in development ships out over the next few weeks. But don’t worry, Age of Empires Online isn’t shutting down and will continue to operate as normal.

According to the announcement, the decision to cut future content development was made because the cost of developing the content was “no longer cost-effective

Why no more content? Because creating top-tier content, as we have been for the last year and a half, is very expensive—too expensive to maintain for long, as it turns out. We can no longer afford to keep creating it. AOEO already has a very large amount of high-quality, hand-crafted entertainment, and adding more is no longer cost-effective.

A brief FAQ was included with the blog post here.

Source: Future of Age of Empires Online

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