Age of Wushu Castration Mechanic Previewed

Gentlemen, cup your stuff. Age of Wushu shows off its new cringe-worthy castration mechanic by the aptly named Root Clan.

There are only a few things that can make a guy cringe and cover certain parts of his body in a game, and this is one of them. MMO Culture recently had a chance to get a look at Age of Wushu’s new castration mechanic used by the aptly named Rootless Clan during a fan event in China. While the video isn’t overly graphic in the removal of the character’, it does show the process by which it is carried out.

The MMO Culture article explains how the castration mechanic works by detailing each step in detail and provides a low resolution video to show it all (embedded below). Let’s just say that the Rootless Clan has one heck of a recruitment tactic.

Source: MMO Culture

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