Age of Wushu Details Offline Living Mode

Posted Tue, Mar 12, 2013 by Martuk

If you’re a fan of offline progression systems, Age of Wushu will not disappoint in providing you with a way to keep progressing your character while not playing. Players can choose to logout in a number of different locations to have their character perform a number of jobs and even earn a salary. More amusingly, characters don’t leave the world when you do. Instead, other players and friends will come across them inside the game carrying out whatever job you’ve set them to. Players can also choose to train skills, cultivate offline, and in some cases even open stalls to sell goods.

Offline roles can come with certain risks in some cases. An offline character carrying out your assigned tasks are susceptible to the possibility of being kidnapped by evil players looking to turn a quick profit or enemies with a grudge. A kidnapped character is sold into the service of another, putting your character into a forced employment where you no longer gain your offline salary or complete any skill cultivations.

The rewards are many for an offline role to collect, but so are the risks. Offline characters are susceptible to kidnappings by vengeful or otherwise evil online players seeking to make a little profit by selling you into an employment you cannot take benefit from. The money that you would have made offline is no longer yours as you are a “forced” employee for certain stores and outfits. The stalls and cultivation you may have started end as well and you do not reap any of those benefits.

One can already see the potential problems with this system rising furiously like the pressured molten explosion of a coming volcanic eruption. In any case, read the full dev blog on the offline feature and tell us what you think.

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