Age of Wushu Overhauls UI

Snail Games responds to player feedback by giving Age of Wushu’s UI a revamp and improved localization.

Snail Games has announced some new changes based on feedback from the first two closed beta events for Age of Wushu. The localization and UI are being revamped for North American audiences, which Snail Games registered as one of the largest complaints during the beta were player frustration at dialogue becoming too difficult to track and a profession with mismatched ingredients. Snail Games has employed a specialist company to aid in refining the localization.

The UI has also undergone lots of changes from the original Chinese version is part of the reason launch was delayed.

"The UI was a different monster to slay. Based on an established system from the Chinese version, the UI required a large amount of redesign and QAing to assure that the new features did not snowball into bigger issues. The redesign had a huge effect on the new localization strategy as well -- much of the text now had new menus to fill, different boxes of text to fit within, and various other obstacles. These matters were among the improvements added that pushed the game from its initial February launch, but allowed us to better address community feedback and enabled us to present the public with a beautiful game experience come Spring."

The changes are currently in the final stages of testing and should appear in the ongoing beta soon.

Source: Snail Games Press Release

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