Snail Games Reveals Age of Wushu's Jianghu System

Posted Wed, Mar 06, 2013 by Martuk

Snail Games has opened up about its Jianghu System of reputation and personality development in Age of Wushu. The new system is designed to work around the personal relationship and decisions of player characters and their circles, providing an interactive relationship system that places values on actions performed within the game.

There are currently seven relationship types in Age of Wushu: close friend, friend, follower, acquaintance, enemy, blood enemy, and blacklist. Each type has its own function and metrics that can be influenced by a player’s choices and actions in Age of Wushu.

“Friends and Close Friends are measured by Intimacy, while Enemy and Blood Enemy use Hatred. Sending gifts and teaming up for instances increases intimacy, just as Kidnapping and Killing players increases hatred and reduces intimacy. Making an Enemy is a one-sided affair. After a player is killed, they can add someone to their Enemy list. Players on an Enemy List cannot join in teams or receive gifts from the person that added them to the list. However, drinking Friendship Wine together can help resolved differences, and allow players to bond once more. Any further killing only deepens the animosity between players until they become Blood Enemies.”

Characters also incorporate heroic or evil personalities influenced by their acts, which can gain them Chivalry or Guilt. A number of different actions such as rescuing a dying character, killing kidnappers, or helping the needy can gain a character Chivalry and make them more heroic, while players that engage in kidnapping, robbery, and murdering chivalrous players will gain Guilt, making them more evil.

Source: Age of Wushu Jianghu System


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