New Aika Update Coming in August

Posted Mon, Jul 29, 2013 by Martuk

Aika’s huge new update hits servers next month with Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing. The new update will boost the level cap to 90 and add the Land of Wailing area and the Kynari Aviary HELL MODE dungeon. Land of Wailing will be open to level 85+ players.

The update also includes new customization and skill improvements for Prans, new skills for each job class starting at level 85, and new level 90 equipment will be available for each class by using the Unique Disassembly System to acquire materials from level 80 unique equipment. The new items can be used to create the new Heaven Set.

Aika’s Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing update will be arriving in August.

Source: Redbana Press Release


The MMO market gets condensed down a bit more this month as Webzen moves to acquire Gala-Net and the gPotato portal.

Fri, Feb 01, 2013
amazon-logo.jpg adds a selection of free-to-play games to its store providing another venue for players to choose from.

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Thu, Jul 12, 2012

Aika gets a new dungeon, a PvP system overhaul and the debut of the Fight for Home series with Epic III update.

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Fri, Jun 15, 2012

Aika players get a surprises update with new dungeon content and PvP events starting today.

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Thu, Apr 26, 2012

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