Aion: Sorcerer Spell Rotations

The Sorcerer is similar to other cloth wearers in other games where the goal is to balance damage output with mana conservation all while staying out of harm’s way.

The Sorcerer is similar to other cloth wearers in other games where the goal is to balance damage output with mana conservation all while staying out of harm’s way. Seems easy enough, but there are many variations when it comes to enemies, situations and the required combat sequences. Since most people will practice the spell rotations on various encounters and have their own favorites by the time they get into the level 40 range, we’re going to focus on the earlier part of the level range. As with most of my discussions, we’ll focus on how to achieve the best damage throughput using the lowest amount of mana thus having the least amount of downtime.

Walking before you run.

Aion provides many ways to learn about your class as you level up. The good news is that you are provided a stair step approach to character skill sets. Within the first twenty levels you’ll learn the lion’s share of the spell types. Later on you’ll get a host of upgrades to those base skills and get a few more to help round out your compliment of abilities. All of this means that a basic spell rotation can be developed early on and then honed to a fine point over time.

Aion_Sorcerer Spell Rotations

Basic Rotations

One of the bread and butter rotations starts with Delay Blast which provides a few seconds to tee up more damage. The next batch of spells will include a chain and some nukes. There are many options and you will want to try out the options to see which provides the return on your mana you enjoy. One such rotation might be the following:

Cast Delay Blast

During the delay you should be able to unleash Ice Chain and its chained spell Frozen Shock. This will provide some damage and a nice knockback as the slowed enemy tries to get to you.

Time to add some fire to this ice. Cast Flame Cage for some nice damage over time. Some players will cast Flame Fusion in later levels to help lower the fire defense of the enemy.

While the damage ticks, cast another chain including Flame Bolt and its chain partner Blaze.

Once this first round barrage is on the way to your target, it’s time to take inventory. The next step will depend on the health of the enemy, the pool of mana available and the location of the next fight.

                If you need (or want to) end the fight quickly at the cost of some mana, drop a Flame Harpoon on the bad guy.

                If time is not of the essence don’t be afraid to use a little spellbook ranged attack to finish them off.

Watch that mana, and don’t be afraid to use Mana Treatments, potions, etc. to keep yourself topped off.

Make sure to cast Lumiel’s Wisdom for 15 seconds of discounted spell costs (50% off) when you start dropping on mana reserves. When you hit level 34 and get Gain Mana, you’ll be able to cast this for some mana regeneration as well.

Topping it all off.

You have all kinds of options and the above is just one illustration of how to approach a one on one PVE battle. The rotation will definitely vary depending on the type of enemy and whether you are solo or grouped up. Try different variations and see what kind of rotations work best for you in a solo situation, but don’t forget that you will also be called upon for group work and PVP. Some skills will seem like they have no purpose, but imagine how they might be useful in a group or PVP scenario.

Good luck out there and report back on your successes (or how we might learn from your brilliant failures!).

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