Aion - Armorsmithing 1-99

How many times have you right-clicked an iron or titanium node?  Countless!  I'm sure you have hundreds upon hundreds banked and you're just chomping at the bit to get out there and hammer it into a fine set of mail that actually makes your character look good.  A noble goal, but let me tell you this--you don't have enough.

Don't have enough what?  Guts.  Materials.  Fluxes.  This will destroy your soul, your wallet, and your inventory to level up.  If you want to run around in a full blue/orange quality set, you are going to spend multiple millions and in the case of some 40+ gear, multiple millions per ingredient.  It's an RMT dream, and your nightmare.

But the road there isn't so bad.  Your armorsmithing career will begin with nothing more than Iron, which when harvested, yields.... Iron.  Hell yes, simplicity.  You will cherish it oh so much as you progress.  Load up on about 500-600 iron ore and a few hundred thousand Kinah.  We've got some noble steel to craft.


I didn't tell you to bring your wallet for nothing.  Purchase a massive stack of Charcoal Briquettes and bring that iron ore to bear against your hammer.  Ingots, ingots, ingots.  You will be using them to craft this entire tier so it's beneficial on your end to create your supply base while it gives you experience points for crafting and leveling.  Don't feel bad if this takes over an hour, I think my top crafting time was 3 and a half hours for a Create All with materials to create 850 salads.


Materials, part deux.   This time you need more of a focus though.  Scan the broker to see if it's worth adding to your flux count for Minor and Lesser Armor and decide how much of each Steel Plate and Wire you'll need when you get around to making them.  Crafting extra will just clutter your bank or you can try to broker them (but very few people buy crafted materials).  You can scan the design tab to help you make the calculations since you don't have what it takes to make them yet.  Once you think you've got enough, make a few more of each and if you have to, do a work order or two to hit 50.


I haven't told you to buy any recipes for a reason.  You're going to earn them now.  Do work orders for this range, making illustrious things such as bathtubs and lockers.  Once you hit skill 60, if you're planning on making any of the level 13 Minor Armor sets, do them.  Same theory remains--if you can get XP from crafting it, do it.  This time though you have profit or practicality in mind, rather than stockpiling.  In the event you don't get a specific recipe from the shop by 90, go ahead and buy them up.  You might be able to catch a deal on them at the Broker.


Craft everything we can for Durable equipment.  Scan the broker and see what we can craft that will sell, or if you're leveling a class right now that could use these pieces, give it everything you've got and create all of the level 18 set one piece at a time until you get a high quality proc on each piece.  This can crush your soul to watch.  I highly recommend hitting Create and alt-tabbing.  Not only does equipment take a lot of time, but this might be the only time a success isn't good enough for you.  You need a Noble proc to really cheer now.  There is one thing though, and do not immediately sell your entire inventory of non-HQ gear.  Sell it slowly so you don't flood the market or make it look like you could go cheaper since you made 10 of the damn thing.

Ta-da.  With that down, you can move on to bigger and better things.  Titanium is up next and covers the level 20 range of armor.  Keeping your crafting ability in the same range as your character is a daunting task but oh so worth it.  You'll be rolling around in a set of stylish armor with big stats.  You can level that much faster when you don't have to rest as much, and kill faster.  Don't pull any punches, and don't pull out any loans for Kinah at this point.  You've got a long, expensive road ahead of you and we'll see you on the next stop of the Armorsmithing Tour, 100-200! 

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