Aion Alchemy Guide 100-199

You've gone through hundreds of vials.
You've gone through hundreds of vials. You've gone through thousands of elemental stones.  You've labored over that alchemy table for seemingly days at a time, breaking down materials and then recombining them into a usable form. Hopefully you had fun...

...because we're doing it all again.

Fortunately this tier of Alchemy has a lot more to offer. You'll have your first shot at creating blue weapons to sell and far more potent potions. You'll also have your first access to run and flight speed scrolls which are an absolute necessity in PvP. Plus, you'll finally get to work with some real manastones to make some real profitable results if you're lucky.

Remember that we're not self sufficient even with a plethora of elementals. We have a high reliance on Aether Crystals in this tier if we plan on making anything that isn't in a bottle or a scroll, and a few of those even call for them. If you elected to raise your Aether Extraction skills, you'll have great use for those standard Aether Crystals where as most other professions only use High Quality ones.


Yes, we're back to making the very same thing we started with. Only instead of Lesser, you're going to be making standard versions of Elemental Water and Elemental Stone Powder. You'll need more Stone in this tier though than before. I would make it at about a 4:1 ratio this time, depending on what you plan to make later. Make more stone if you plan on making more weapons and scrolls, make more water if you're going to go purely on potions.


Make the most of the potion materials you've got. If you can get a deal on Theonia, healing potions are always useful. Since Hasia is easier to come across, you'll likely get a better deal on purchasing it to create Mana Potions instead. Just like the last tier of Alchemy, brew what you can use and will use. It'll speed leveling oh so much.  No matter what the quality, you can always find a use for healing potions.  Except maybe Minor Life at 50...


Another batch of Wind Serum. Aether Crystals en masse will provide you with more flight time than you know what to do with, or at least cover you for a few extended flight paths without rings in the Abyss. I made so much of it that I capped out two stacks. That's two thousand Wind Serum.  Thank God for the Create All button.  If you plan on making scrolls, start making your powders here as well.


This is another dead zone for Alchemy, but it's not all that bad this time around. The running and flying speed scrolls are now available. 10% isn't much on paper, but in combat it can mean the difference between a sure kill or the one that got away. The elemental proofing scrolls are starting to get worthwhile, and you might get some good use out of them if you're tanking Fire Temple for instance. 190-199 is where you can go for the money though, and that is a two part process of going for Worthy Noble weapons. You can also take Magic Boost and Critical Hit manastones and try to make money off upgrading them and hopefully proc'ing a high quality one or two. You need to make sure the market can actually sustain this, as I'm sure you know by now - Catalysts aren't cheap!

Throughout our journey to 450 Alchemy we are looking to maintain an aura of self-sufficience.  Creating healing potions for yourself, creating wind serum for your wings, and producing the vast majority of the materials needed to do so is what my strategy is all about. Now that we have some actual toys to create that we can make some money off of though, it's a good time to test the waters. Scan your markets carefully for the price of Weapon Flux and Elemental Stones. Thanks to a legion of botters infesting our beloved game, crafting isn't exorbitantly expensive. Considering we need multiple attempts to even have a shot at the Worthy Noble tier, a little help from our not-so-legit friends is appreciated for once. Just don't give in and do it yourself, okay?

Now get out there and craft your first blues!

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